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    Chandra Free is the creator of "The God Machine," published by Archaia. She has also worked on numerous titles like Mice Templar, Graphic Canon, Fraggle Rock, Conspiracy of the Planet of the Apes, SPACE:1999, Sullengrey, FRENZY, etc.

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    Chandra Free is writer and illustrator of The God Machine, from publisher Archaia.

    Born and bred into captivity of Orlando, Florida, Chandra (pronounced CHAN-drah, like Jackie CHAN) can now be found in her present-day home, blissfully away in the land of New York with her writer boyfriend, Drew Gaska. It is here that she concocts her uniquely abstract and elongated art and comics. Intensely interested in the incorporation of psychology into her art, she focuses on the unconscious and human aspects of her characters. In addition to The God Machine, she has worked as a digital painter on the comic series Sullengrey by Ape Entertainment, a colorist on the comic series Mice Templar by Image, and as an illustrator on Jim Henson’s Fraggle Rock by Archaia. She also provided digital paintings for the illustrated prose novel, Conspiracy of the Planet of the Apes, and has illustrated numerous album covers. She has adapted as well as illustrated T.S. Eliot's The Waste Land for the comics publication The Graphic Canon. Chandra is also the art director of the guerrilla studio BLAM! Ventures.

    On her off time she considers herself an amateur “Foodie”– looking for the holy grail of coffees, the most savory bowl of Japanese ramen, the quintessential green tea item, the most mouth-watering sashimi, and the weirdest food she’s never encountered before– all on the isle’ of Manhattan.

    She’s also an avid Venture Brothers fan, a retro video gamer, collector of arty-indy comics, infrequent participant of the “goth” scene, and girl adventurer!

    Present & Past Projects:

    • The God Machine; Role: writer/artist [current] Archaia
    • Mice Templar vol IV; Role: Colorist on alternative covers [current] Image
    • FRENZY; Role: Art Director/Artist [current]
    • Graphic Canon Untitled; Role:Artist, adaptation [current] Seven Stories Press
    • Psychopomp II: Bunny Love; "Tomame" Role; Contributed orginal mini comic for anthology. [2013] Gutter Glitter
    • Graphic Canon Vol.3, “The Waste Land”; Role: Artist, adaptation. [2013] Seven Stories Press
    • SPACE:1999; Aftershock & Awe; Role: Art Director/Visual Continuity [2012] Archaia
    • SPACE:1999; To Everything That Was; Role: Art Director/Visual Continuity [2013] Archaia
    • Conspiracy of the Planet of the Apes; Role: artist, 2 illustrations [2011] Archaia
    • Fraggle Rock Vol.2; Role: artist [2011] Archaia
    • Boys + Girls; Role: Co-creator, writer, artist [on hold]
    • Sullengrey: Cemetery Things Trade Paperback; Role: Colorist on Front/Back covers, colorist on “Fear.” [2009] Ape Entertainment
    • Sullengrey: Sacrifice #1 & Sullengrey: Sacrifice Graphic Novel; Role: Colorist [2010] Ape Entertainment
    • The Darkgoodbye Vol. 2; Role: Colorist on front cover. [2008] TokyoPop


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