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About Chancer

Chancer's real name is unknown, but what is known is that he comes from Texas and is wanted for over 20 different robberies. He is armed with a baton and his luck, which makes everything seems to go his way. He came to Gotham and joined the Misfits, a group consisting of Killer Moth, Catman and Calendar Man to pull off a big heist.

Pursued by Nimrod

Chancer unwittingly created Nimrod, when he robbed a safe in a building. Dean Hunter (Nimrod) came with his girlfriend to steal the safe himself, but found Chancer robbing instead. A security guard tries to stop them, but Chancer shot him with his own gun. Dean tried to stop him, but he ended up with his girlfriend shot and in a coma. He was punched unconscious and convicted of murder and was sent to prison for life. Angry, he escaped and stole a military camouflage suit and pursued Chancer as Nimrod: The Hunter. Chancer was unaware of Nimrod until he arrived in Gotham and doesn't mind him, since he has gotten his biggest break when he joined with the Misfits.

Time with the Misfits

After Chancer's run in with Nimrod and Batman, he was saved by Catman after he jumped off a building. Catman asks him for help, Chancer agrees only when he sees Catman's panther and didn't want to end up with a lost limb or an eye. Catman needed Chancer as a lookout so that he can set up an explosive at Wayne Foundation, the power box for the phones. Chancer is then offered a membership into the Misfits. Their plan was to kidnap Bruce Wayne, Commissioner Gordon and Mayor Krol and hold them ransom.

They set their plans in motion, while Bruce Wayne was arriving for a board meeting when an explosive occurs and Bruce's limo crashes into the gate. Alfred was injured and the phones outside the gate goes out because of the explosives planted in the phones power box. Killer Moth and Chancer attacks Bruce Wayne but he is hit with tranquilizers in Killer Moth's gun. Killer Moths then shoots the guards with Phosphor pellets and escapes. Calenderman and Catman attacks Gordon and Mayor Krol at an AIDS charity benefit. They activate Calenderman's special device and it sends a low frequency wave over the cops, while they were distracted a large net fall over them. Gordon tries to get Krol to safety but Catman and Calenderman captures them. Before the remaining cops could react, their device creates a sound effect and everyone thinks they are shooting from the roof. They escape in their car and Calenderman presses a button and their licence plates changes to SUNNY.

The kidnapped Trio was taken to their hideout and they were placed in a Crate hanging a few feet over the ground. A ransom of ten million was demanded and Robin went to find Bruce. Nimrod meanwhile, comes to the police departments roofop.


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