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A former professional gambler, Nicholas Powell combines his new career with his old hobby. Unlike most criminal mercenaries, Chance does not get paid in advance. He bets his services against his fee. Only if he succeeds in his mission does he receive payment.


Nicholas Powell (Chance) is a Marvel character created by David Michelinie and Mike Harris, first appearing in Web of Spider Man #15

Character Evolution

Powell became Chance because he loves the thrill of risking his life for a grand prize. He first met Spider-Man when he was hired to kill a criminal named Andre Boulillon. Chance also wagered his fee at double-or-nothing that he could slay Spidey, too. Powell lost that particular bet and was arrested by the police, but the charges were later dropped due to lack of evidence.

Major Story Arcs

The Life Foundation

Almost a Good Guy
Almost a Good Guy

A survivalist group called the Life Foundation hired Chance to hijack a shipment of experimental weaponry. But the Life Foundation had other plans, too. They kidnapped Chance and attempted to duplicate his wrist blasters and ankle jets. Still on Chance's trail, Spider-Man was forced to save the mercenary's life. Working together, Spidey and Powell battled and defeated the Life Foundation.

Other Missions

Chance was hired to assassinate casino owner Raymond Trask. But Spider-Man arrived on the scene and drove the mercenary off. A few months later, Trask appeared at Powell's penthouse and offered him another wager. He knew someone else wanted to kill him, so Trask bet Chance $20,000 that the mercenary couldn't keep him alive. Chance took the wager. When Trask tried to double-cross him, Chance outsmarted the casino owner and collected his winnings.

Powers and Abilities

Chance's suit of armor grants him peak human strength (he is able to lift twice his own body weight) and stamina, energy blasts and flight speeds of up to Mach-1.

He is also a trained hand to hand combatant.

Physical Characteristics

Gender: Male

Height: 5'11'

Weight: 170 lbs (77kg)

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black


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