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    Team » Champions of Angor appears in 11 issues.

    DC Pastiches of Marvel's Avengers. They have been known also as the Assemblers and the Justifiers.

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    The Champions of Angor debuted in Justice League of America #87 in February of 1971 by Mike Friedrich. The same month that the Squadron Sinister in Marvel and both teams had the same topic: The teams were rather a part of efforts on both sides in the 60's to create an unofficial crossover of sorts. But meanwhile the Squadron Sinister would evolve in to the Squadron Supreme and would grow in importance and apparitions, the Champions of Angor just became a footnote in the Justice League history until the Crisis of the Infinite Earths and the re-launch of the JLI.

    Until 52, the team has been know by diverse names, such as the Assemblers (in direct mock to Avengers' motto) and the Justifiers (Do not confuse with Darkseid troopers). In Countdown new versions of the characters reappered, but as members of a post-Civil War like scenario team, the Meta-militia, similar in concept to Marvel's Initiative. It's not clear if previously existed a Champions/Justifiers/Assemblers team in this continuity.

    In the New52, during Multiversity, the name was dropped but the core idea (and several of the characters) persist as the Retaliators.

    Team History

    Champions of Angor.

    They come from a planet called Angor. What started their adventure was when a robot attacked Angor and they had to battle it. They than track it back to where it had came from. The Champions then fought the Justice League of America because Earth was also attacked by a robot. The two teams mistaken each other for the responsible of the robot attack.

    In post-crisis Justice League #2 the team came down to Earth to destroy all the nuclear weapons. It's revealed that they were the last survivors of Angor after a nuclear disaster. Their team leader Wandjina sacrificed his life to prevent a meltdown in the Bialyalban reactor. While the others are turned in to the Russian authorities.

    The surviving members of the team would return in the June 1990 issue Justice League Europe #15. Blue Jay and Silver Sorceress escaped from their Russian prison. Meanwhile Silver Sorceress returned to Angor but Blue Jay decided to go to the Justice League for help. When Silver Sorceress arrived on Angor, the Extremists (super villains and the real people who caused the nuclear disaster) discovered her presence. They kidnapped Silver Sorceress and forced her to take them to Earth so that they could steal all of the nuclear weapons. Dreamslayer and Sorceress than battled and she won. They then found out that all but Dreamslayer of the Extremists were robots that were originally created for an amusement park. The owner went to Earth and shut them all down. Silver Sorcerer and Blue Jay than joined the Justice League Europe.

    The Champions of Angor (or Justifiers/Assemblers) never assembled again in that continuity.

    Champions of Angor characters:

    Outside the characters than appeared in earth, the Champions of Angor were showed in flashback stories, mocking the most used tropes of Marvel characters.

    • Wandjina - Pastiche of Thor-Wandjina is the team leader who has super human strength and can control the weather.
    • Silver Sorceress (Laura Neilsen) - A powerful magic sorcerer with a costume incorporating a curious headdress. Pastiche of the Scarlet Witch.
    • Blue Jay (Jay Abrams) - Pastiche of Yellowjacket. Has the power to change size at will.
    • Jack B. Quick (Harry Christos) - can travel at high speeds and is skilled at combat. Would later go under the name Captain Speed. Pastiche of Quicksilver.
    • Tin-man (Unknown) Armored hero with cardiac health issues.
    • Bow-man (Unknown) Expert archer with a Black Widow women trouble. Under psycho treatment.
    • T.A. (Unknown) Winged woman with big wings and big chest. Possible pastiche of Wasp.
    • Growing Man (Unknown) Suffer from pain for his growing. If he was another identity of Blue Jay or someone else, it was unknown.

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