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    An Elder of The Universe, Tryco Slatterus was born over 5 billion years ago. His fighting supremacy has earned him the title of Champion...Champion of The Universe.

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    Tryco Slatterus, often called The Champion of the Universe, or simply Champion, is one of the Elders of the Universe and much like every other Elders of the universe his most of his orgins are never fully explained in comics (various marvel handbook claim that most of his origins as actually lost in antiquity). What is know is that he is one of the oldest living being in the universe, based on the fact that it is what Champion stated in Marvel Two In One Annual #7 and the fact that he is an Elder of the Universe and we know this to be true for ever Elder of the Universe.

    Immortal by nature he claims he got bored by the mundane pursuit of common existence and decided to devote himself physical self perfection and battles. He has trained for millennium going from Galaxy to Galaxy to offer people the gift of combat, destroy worlds he sees as unworthy of survivng, and learn every fighting technique.

    Champion, like many elders of the universe, control the power primordial, whose origins while unknown are set to be derived from the Big Bang itself.

    Character Evolution

    Marvel Two in One Annual # 2 (“And They Shall Call Him Champion”)

    Benjamin Grimm, whilst in Alica Masters chamber, helping her carve out a statue of him is visited by an alien Proja, the promoter supreme, who works with The Champion as one of his henchmen alongside other (who are not named in the issue). He introduces himself in front of Benjamin Grimm as the representative of the greatest and the most accomplished fighter in all in all of the known universes, and states he is here to offer him a match with Champion. Ben refuses saying he no longer competes for fun but rather only in real situation in order to save lives. Proja however tricks him by offering a handsake saying, he believes its an earth costume to shake hands, but the moment Ben touches Proja's hand he is transported to a real outside of our universe.

    Proja goes on to offer similar deal to Thor, Doc Samson, The Hulk, Colossus, Namor , Wonder Man and Sasquatch, although how Proja manages to trick them into being teleported to Champion's dimension is not revealed in the story.

    Proja actually goes to recruit another Earth Superhero, The Vision, but decides not to recruit him after his sensors indicate that Vision is a synthozoid and the official rules (never disclosed where the said rules come from) only permit The Champion to fight within his prescibed life-class and thus the invitation to Vision is withdrawn.

    Heroes (Thor, Doc Samson, The Hulk, Colossus, Namor, Wonder Man and Sasquatch) materilize in Champion dimension, which appears to be a spherical structure floating within some great starless void.

    Champion appears before them revealing that they have been chosen to represent their planet, Earth, and should the Champion is to judge whether Earth should be allowed to live and destroyed, depending on the fighting skill and valour shown by the heroes.

    Champion also reveals that his minions have been scouring all of the known galaxies to find him novel adversary against whom Champion could test his proweress however Champion is not satisfied because no one thus far have lasted more than 2 round (whether or not Champion destroyed their planet is not mentioned anywhere in the issue).

    Heroes refusing to fight for his amusement attack him together but are easily repelled when Champion demonstrates his “power primordial” . Heroes are informed that Champion is an elder of the universe and his demonstration of power convinces heroes that should they not accept what Champion says he is really going to destroy the Earth and evidently possesses the power to do so.

    Champion however sends heroes for training before the fight actually begins.

    Back on Earth, fantastic Four and X men are looking for their respective team mate, but are unable to find a clue.

    While Thor and Hulk perform exceeding well on the training , Doc Samson is disqualified because he is unable to anticipate and block the moves of, The Living Computer, and gets knocked by a good blow to the face. Namor is also disqualified because he refuses to train.

    Colossus, Sasquatch, Wonder Man and Thing are doing just good enough to not be considered for a disqualification.

    Champion then hold the actual competition on Madison Square Garden, Manhattan, where hereos are to face champion one at a time in a boxing ring. The boxing ring however is surrounded by forcefield which none of the other heroes of earth, including Fantastic Four and X men (only 2 teams shown on panel) are unable to even harm. They are therefore forced to become mere spectators.

    The first round begins with Thor and The Champion, Champion seem to have the upper hand until Thor throws mjolnir at him, Champion however first teleports the mjolnir away but returns it back to Thor upon realising that a part of the hammer enchantment is that it must always return to Thor's hand (and should it fail to return in 60 seconds Thor will turn back into mortal guise of Donald Blake). Thor however is disqualified for the fight because he used a weapon.

    Second person to enter the ring is The Hulk, who gets angry to a point he turns into his savage person and start yelling “Hulk hates puny alien! Hulk smash”. Champion teleports Hulk away saying he shall not soil his hands on a mindless brute.

    Sasquatch joins the ring next who is rather easily defeated in the first round.

    Colossus joins the ring next who is easily overpower by the Champion and is finally declared defeated , albeit Colossus refusing to give up, because he could no longer defend himself. Colossus collapses and the fight ends in round 1.

    Champion fights Wonder Man next and defeats him rather quickly which leaves only Ben Grimm to face him next. Champion at this point is frustrated and is contemplating destroying the earth because he feels his challengers have been unworthy.

    Champion fight Ben Grimm next, although its pretty clearly Champion is vastly stronger, Ben uses his speed, his skill and most importantly despite being batter and bruised continues to fight without giving up. Thing last four round before collapsing and Champion is considered the winner after 10 count.

    Champion is about to declare whether or not he now plans to destroy the earth, but Thing gets up broke and brused, barely able to stand, saying this fight isnt over yet because you (Champion) only won on a technicality. You did not beat be, you will never beat me because I am too stupid and ugly to know when to quit.

    Champion being impressed by Thing honor and bravery, helps him stand up and says no my friend I could never beat you, I know that now. I could crush your bones, I could break your body but I would never conquere your spirit. Any world that could spawn one such as you is truly the worthiest of all. I sense that someday my people will battle yours for supremecy of the cosmos, but that will be in the eons to come and what a glorious competition it shall be. Farewell my friend, I have endless universes yet to visit, infinite worlds yet to offer my gift, we shall never meet again. A pity for you and you alone I would offer the supreme glory of a rematch.

    Battered, broken and bloodied, Ben Grimm, mutters no thanks I have all I could stand before dropping on the ring, presumably unconscious.

    Everyone in the crowd give Ben Grimm a standing ovation, his peers give him high praises, and although Ben can barely hear any of this , that would mean little to him even if he could because he fought for earth and he wanted no reward in return other than safeguarding his planet and his people.

    Champion was next seen in Marvel Two In One Issue # 96, where because Thing past battles are recounted and we see the fight that took place in Marvel Two In One Annual # 7 as Thing suffering a brutal beat down at the hands of Champion, a godlike being who claimed to be the living embodiment of the spirit of competition.

    Silver Surfer Volume 3 Issue # 1 – Free

    Champion appears next in Silver Surfer Volume 3 Issue 1, where he attacks Silver Surfer while he (Silver Surfer) is attempting to break free of the barrier resurrected around Earth by Galactus to imprision him there for rebelling against him (Galactus).

    Benjamin Grimm (Thing) immediately realises who the attacker is, The Champion of the Universe. Silver Surfer, bemused, by this unwarranted attack simply asks champion what he wants, in reply Champion says he wants to kill the Surfer. Confused at why this is so Surfer simply replies “but I have dont nothing to you” but Champion refuses to give him the answer till they fight. Surfer eventually defeats Champion. Upon having defeated Champion and allowed him time to regain his footing, Silver Surfer inquires as to why Champion sought out Silver Surfer intending to slay him. Champion replies that he is here because he wants Surfer to prevent for disturbing what is going to happen, Galactus slaughtering the Kree. Evidently, Skrull have lost their shape shifting power, which puts that at a massive disadvantage against their life long mortal enemies the Kree. Skrull, in desperation have captured Nova , Galactus active herald at the time, and they are planning on using Galactus to kill thousands of Kree planets. While Galactus could simply wipe the skrulls off with a gesture, he cant do so and prevent Nova at the same time.

    Champion than explains that its entire possible for Surfer to free himself from the energy barrier Galactus has put around the Earth, although he does not explain how Surfer can do this (evidently by flying through without his board) and that he wants Surfer to go to Galactus to somehow stop the conflict.

    Silver Surfer agrees, figures out a way to free himself from the barrier with Fantastic Four help and escape earth. He then goes saves Nova and prevents Galactus from destroying either Skrull or Kree planets out of vengence.

    Although its is not explained in the issue why Champion thought he should attack of kill Surfer, or what Champion had to gain or loss, if Galactus wiped out thousands of Kree or Skurll world. All he replies is Galactus is too big a player to enter the game, although no detail of what game Champion is talking about is mentioned.

    Silver Surfer Volume 4 Issue 4 – Mantis

    Champion , together with the Elders of the Universe, in an un-named planet discuss a new strategy. Elders of the Universe, are the oldest living beings in this universe, whose respective races where formed after the big bang destroyed whatever universe existed prior to this. Everyone else who grew with them are long dead and though the elders only have longevity in common, the secret of their continued existence has always been their continued interested in one specific aspect of life. It is their interest that has kept them alive until now, after the events of Avengers Annual # 16, Death has banished entire Elders from her realm making them immortal. They however still have one person who is older than them, Galactus, who is from the universe before current one. Grand master purposes to kill Galactus and with that the Universe would come to an end, making every elder of the universe, like Galactus, which is what they want.

    Ego, one of the Elder, spots Silver Surfer and Mantis lurking, and Champion ends up having a short fight with Mantis and nearly kills her. Mantis is however saved by Silver Surfer and they escape together.

    The Champion, along with other Elders, attempted to kill Galactus in order to restart the Universe. He traveled to Earth to defeat the Silver Surfer

    and suffered his first defeat at the Surfer's hands. They failed in the attempt to kill Galactus. During this encounter he came into possession of one of the Infinity Gems, the Power Gem. Later in Thanos’s Quest, Thanos tricked Champion into giving him the Power Gem. After Thanos had the gem he left Champion to plummet to a nearby planet. Being immortal, Champion survived the fall.

    On that planet he was given some power wristlets, mystical in origin, that greatly augmented the wearer’s power. Champion then defeated the entire planet and sought out Thanos, to get revenge for being tricked. Having confronted Thanos again, Champion was teleported away by Thanos, to a different part of the universe, before he could attack Thanos. Extremely angry, Champion destroyed a lifeless planet. He then got into a brawl with the Silver Surfer but got knocked out by Drax the Destroyer, who was now in possession of the Power Gem, before he could finish the fight with Surfer. The Surfer then destroyed his wristlets.

    Once again in possession of the Power Gem, Champion settled down on a planet called Skardon. The Skardon natives settled all their disputes in a trial by combat. Champion became the ruler of the planet by defeating all of the Skard's most powerful fighters. Champion let the living conditions on Skardon deteriorate and told them he would continue to do so until a worthy opponent was found. The Silver Surfer, Adam Warlock, Drax the Destroyer, Gladiator, and Beta Ray Bill all responded to the challenge, Champion defeated all of them. The She-Hulk then fought Champion though he initially defeated her.

    With her legal knowledge as a lawyer, she found a loophole in the rules. The loophole was that by Skardon law any weaponry or foreign objects were prohibited in battle, She-Hulk argued that the Power Gem was a foreign object. She-Hulk was then granted a rematch with Champion and time to prepare which she used to work out as Jennifer Walters so She-Hulk would be exponentially stronger. Without the Power Gem and with her She-Hulk form being stronger than ever, she defeated him and Champion suffered his first real defeat.

    Humiliated by his defeat; Champion sought out a Watcher to locate She-Hulk's greatest enemy in order for him to get his revenge. He was shown the life of Mary 'Skeeter' McPherran the super-villainess called Titania; a constant She-Hulk foe. Champion offered the Power Gem to Titania so she could destroy their shared enemy.

    Deadpool Corps

    The Champion has recently appeared on the Deadpool corps miniseries where he is not convinced that a team which membership includes only Deadpols from alternate realities is enough to save the universe. The champion goes and confronts the Deadpool corps but gets tricked by the corps and is left on a solitary planet.

    The Champion as Championpool
    The Champion as Championpool

    After a while The Gardener comes and retrieves The Champion and aids him on finding the Deadpool Corps to confront them a second time only to end up being convinced to join the team.

    He auto proclaims himself as leader of the team, as he is the only one suited for it. Moments later he gets fooled into going to a moon to battle as part of a trick, as his motorcycle tank was emptied to just hold enough fuel to get to the moon by Lady Deadpool .

    Strength Level

    The limit of Champions strength has yet to be seen, but he possesses at least class 100 strength enabling him to easily lift 100 tons in earth's gravity. When Champion wore the power gem on his brow, his strength was potentially limitless enabling him to lift any object or break any barrier. His physical strength was so great that he destroyed an entire planet while in battle with Thanos.


    Champion's body is enhanced and fueled by The Power Primordial, the eons old energies released at and from the birth of the universe. The Power Primordial grants the champion superhuman abilities far and beyond that of most super humanly powered and even cosmically powered beings. Unlike other Elders of the Universe Champion chose to to channel his vast energy into his body. His energy enhances his strength, speed, agility, and endurance making his body the perfect fighting machine. The energies in his body make him immortal so that he cannot die or be killed by any conventional means. Champion is also immortal in a way that even "regular" immortals cannot match.

    Death has barred him from her realm, so that even if a force that should normally kill Champion were set against him, he would still not perish. No form of injury no matter how severe can ever kill him. His skin, musculature and organs have been enhanced to the point that he is invulnerable to all physical harm, and nothing short of molecular dispersion can injure him.

    His reflexes and agility are dozens of times greater than an Olympic athletes. He doesn't need to eat or breath, The Power Primordial nourishes, sustains and grants him endurance so great that he is totally inexhaustible not tiring after any exertion.


    Champion has mastered thousands of martial arts learned throughout the universe on thousands of different worlds. Champion trains and practices the majority of his life.

    Physical Characteristics

    • Height: 9'2"
    • Weight: 2050 lbs.
    • Eyes: Silver
    • Hair: Red

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