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    Former operative of terrorist organization Cobra. Currently working as a spy for G.I. Joe

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    Erika Le Tene first appears in issue #2 of the IDW series G.I. Joe: Cobra, volume 1. Her origin is explained in G.I. Joe: Cobra Special #2. Although of French decent, Erika spent much of her life in Vietnam. She grew up in Chon Thanh on a former rubber plantation that her family had shares in. Her parents were absent for most of her life and was raised by the grounds keeper Pham. Erika never had contact with her father and only saw her mother a few times a year. At the age of 8 she was sent to best possible international school in Hong Kong. Shortly after attending this school, her parents were both killed. She moved back to Europe until she was recruited by Cobra.


    Erika Le Tene was created by Mike Costa and Christos Gage in 2009.

    Character Evolution

    When first introduced, Erika is seen as an adjunct to Tomax and Xamot Paoli. She displays great organizational skills and is presented with great poise. It quickly becomes apparent that she has great spy capabilities as she develops a relationship with Chuckles just to determine if he is an undercover agent. As she begins to uncover Cobra's true nature, and some of the individuals working for organization, Erika decides to defect to G.I. Joe. Initially she is a prisoner, but is quickly used to impersonate the Baroness due to their similar appearance. She is currently an undercover operative for G.I. Joe.

    Much of Erika's past has yet to be revealed. One item that has been eluded to is some connection towards the Baroness. In an exchange between the two, the Baroness states how she has given Erika a chance with Cobra and not to embarrass her. Perhaps more on the history between these two characters will be revealed.

    Major Story Arcs


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