Chameleon Chief

    Character » Chameleon Chief appears in 29 issues.

    Chameleon Chief can change his shape and also change the shape of things he touches. He is a member of the Legion of Super-Villains.

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    Although Chameleon Chief appears to be a Durlan, he insists that he is not. His powers do differ from other Durlans in that he can not only change his own shape, but also the shape of other objects that he touches. This ability (which could simply mark him as a Durlan standards) is limited by mass and time, meaning that the longer he mentally "holds" something in a different form, the harder it is to maintain that form.

    Chameleon Chief was recruited for the Legion of Super-Villains by Nemesis Kid, and he was captured by the Legion of Superheroes on his first mission. He later escaped captivity along with many other members of the LOSV and stayed in hiding until Nemesis Kid led the team into yet another unsuccessful battle with the LOSH.

    Chameleon Chief has been in and out of both Takron-Galtos and Labyrinth since then, escaping most recently to join Superboy Prime's Legion of Super-Villains to fight the Legions of three worlds and to join Saturn Queen's LOSV when she was serving the Blue Entity.


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