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    Chaka is the leader of the Golden Tigers who has faced Iron Fist on a few occassions.

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    The original Chaka is Robert Hao who led a gang called the Golden Tigers in New York's Chinatown. Chaka was a skilled martial artist and weapon master of the deadly triple-irons. They were extorting money from the people who lived there which led to a confrontation with Iron Fist. Robert's brother, William Hao knew the truth about Chaka's identity and that knowledge nearly cost him his life. Robert used a crystal to hypnotize his brother and ordered him to wear Chaka's costume and face Iron Fist in battle. During the fight, William was struck from behind by an unknown assailant and presumed dead. The police accused Iron Fist of murdering William who was a District Attorney at the time. However William's own martial arts training enabled him to roll with the triple-iron blow and survived the attack. The charade of his death allowed the police and Iron Fist together to trap his treacherous sibling. Robert was apprehended and vowed revenge on his brother William and Iron Fist.

    Mayor Story Arcs

    Against the Heroes for Hire

    The Golden Tigers would later resurface in Chinatown and another man would call himself Chaka. William would visit his brother Robert who was detained in a correctional facility at the time and tell him that the Golden Tigers were back and that they named Chaka as their leader. Robert pleaded with his brother to catch this new Chaka and to restore honor to their family. William promised his brother that he would do his best to capture this new Chaka and was convinced that his brother was telling the truth and not involved with the resurgence of the Golden Tigers. William asked Iron Fist and Luke Cage to help him take down the Golden Tigers and the new Chaka. They agreed to help and the two of them would face the new Chaka when the Golden Tigers tried to ambush William at his home. Chaka managed to strike down Cage with his triple-irons and escape. The two of them came up with a plan so Cage would try to shake down the Golden Tigers in Chinatown while Danny Rand would enroll in various martial arts school to find out the secret identity of the new Chaka. 

    Danny would befriend a student named Kevin Chang who he admired for his martial arts skill. They would be confronted by the Golden Tigers who were upset with Kevin for walking with an Anglo on their streets. Danny began to fight off the Tigers but was getting overwhelmed by their numbers until Cage showed up. Danny and Cage would fight the Tigers hoping to lure Chaka out. Chaka suddenly appeared and struck Cage again with his triple-irons. Danny called out Chaka and challenged him to a one on one fight. Iron Fist prevailed and unmasked the new Chaka who was actually one of his martial arts instructor named Thomas Arn who ran a local Judo School. William would visit Robert at the correctional facility with Danny and Cage to tell him the news about the Golden Tigers and Chaka. Robert told his brother that he would no longer have to fear any dishonor and thanked him. As William and the Heroes for Hire left, Robert watched them leave and belted out a sinister laugh. 

    Powers and Abilities:

    Chaka is a highly skilled martial artist and weapon master of the deadly triple-irons. His weapon was a smaller version of the three piece rod that was charged with some type of energy which inflicted major damage. Chaka also used shuriken throwing stars as part of his arsenal.   

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