Chainsaw Vigilante

    Character » Chainsaw Vigilante appears in 25 issues.

    The Chainsaw Vigilante is a vigilante that hates incompetent superheroes. Despite not being mentally stable, he has promised not to kill anyone.

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    After his father got injured from being saved by an incompetent superhero, those injuries caused his father to lose is job, and their family went into poverty. Since then he has hated superheroes who aren't good at their jobs. When he was old enough, he donned his iconic biker clothes, and a yellow mask, and planned to scare superheroes into quitting.

    The Chainsaw Vigilante was originally based near Deertown and Hobleville. Here, he defeated the Civic-Minded Five. He attempted and failed to defeat the Tick. Haunted by this defeat, he began to hunt the Tick and moved his base of operations to the City. After failing to kill the Tick, he saw the error of his ways, and decided to become a full fledged Anti-hero.


    The Chainsaw Vigilante uses a Sears and Roebuck brand chainsaw as his weapon of choice. He wears a crude homemade mask to hide his identity.


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