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Peter Davidson was an unfortunate witness to the last heroic mission of Super-Tough and Young-Tough in 1982 where Damien Darklord detonated the Nega-Bomb. Horrifically burned by the radiation, Davidson would ultimately be mutated into the disgusting freak known as Cesspool and would become a member of the Vicious Circle in Chicago.

He later came to prominence when he fought Ricochet and Barbaric in the Underground of Chicago and attracted the attention of the Savage Dragon and Dart. Dart blocked his cists with her darts and he laughed, claiming they had no effect on him. He started to inflate himself to an even greater size only to realize the problem and with the darts holding in the pressure of his acidic pus, he exploded although he managed to survive albeit badly injured.

He subsequently sued the Chicago Police Department for excessive force which prompted Dart's departure from the Police Department and to strike out on her own and ultimately founding Freak Force alongside the other super freaks recruited by the Chicago PD.


Following the death of Antonio Seghetti aka Overlord who had been the undisputed leader of Vicious Circle for years, the entire organization was thrown into disarray and dissolved into a Gang War. Cesspool arrogantly believed the time was ripe for him to assume command in this power vacuum and formed his own faction of freaks known as Body Function. They were swiftly defeated and captured by SuperPatriot and the Dragon and Cesspool along with Body Function were ultimately folded back into the Vicious Circle itself.

Several years later, Cesspool attempted to assassinate the Dragon and was killed instead.

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