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    Cerebra is a mutant mentalist and an original founding member of the X-Men in 2099. She also founded the team known as X-Nation.

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    Shakti Haddad was the daughter of Zail Haddad, a powerful and ruthless businessman, whose company did many twisted genetic experiments on innocents for their own profit. Shakti was a brilliant young woman and became an expert in genetics, but her compassionate nature made her oppose her father's company. She fled her native land of India and Zail sent various bounty hunters after his daughter.


    Cerebra first appeared in the pages of X-Men 2099 issue #1 which was published by Marvel Comics and released in 1993. She was created by John Francis Moore and Ron Lin.

    Major Story Arcs

    Making of the New X-Men

    Lady with her head in the game.
    Lady with her head in the game.

    Shakti fled her native homeland of India with one of the bounty hunters Zail had sent to retrieve his daughter as he had fallen in love with Shakti. Together the two escaped but sadly, her lover was suffering from a lethal disease and left her before the disease would kill him. Years later, she would meet him again, when he called himself the Architect. Cerebra became a founding member of the futuristic version of the X-Men gathered together by Xi'an Chi Xan, and a mainstay throughout the series. However, most of her support was not in combat but instead behind the scenes. When she was first introduced, she recruited a mutant named Timothy Fitzgerald a.k.a. Skullfire into the fold.

    Later, Cerebra showed up during the battle with Master Zhao and his group of Chosen X-Men. Zhao had used unstable technology to further mutate his chosen group in order for them to more closely resemble the group of original X-Men (Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Iceman, Angel, and Beast), but this process had left the unwilling guinea pigs in a condition where their cellular structure was deteriorating. After the battle, when this fact was discovered, Cerebra went about trying to find a way to cure their condition by placing them in cryogenic suspension. It became a pet project for her and almost cost her life. When Xi'an finally turned on the team, the Theatre of Pain came to collect the three surviving mutants, just after Shakti had discovered a way to save the three. Shakti tried to stop them but was knocked out by Xi'an. He set explosives in Master Zhao's old base, but Shakti woke up in time to wake the other X-Men and escape the base before it exploded.

    Past and future collide.
    Past and future collide.

    Soon afterwards the X-Men attacked the Theatre of Pain and Xi'an was restored to his old self and the X-Men were made the protectors of Halo City. Shakti's father, Zail, sought refuge in Halo City from the Grave-robber, a former employee who had been turned into a corpse-like zombie due to Zail's negligence. The Graverobber and his Undead took Halo City hostage and the Halo City administrator, Morphine Somers, used Zail as bait to capture the Graverobber. Due to Morphine's plan, Zail was seriously wounded, but survived and Shakti and Zail made peace.

    President Doom came to Shakti with a rumor of a soon-to-come mutant Messiah. He or she was supposed to come in the body of a young child, so Doom wanted to assure that the young savior would be in his hands. He gave Shakti the task of collecting and training these children in Halo City and thus X-Nation was born. Shakti actually had little to no involvement in the team except for a session of anger management counseling before the team was disbanded by a combination of the revived Exodus, the invading Atlantean army, and other malevolent forces.

    Birth of X-Nation

    In the follow-up limited series 2099: World of Tomorrow, Shakti lost her mutant powers and the use of her legs due to Franklin, a robot who also destroyed her nervous system. Shakti's father was able to repair the damage done to her nervous system but could not restore her mutant powers or the use of her legs. She became one of the members of the new colony in the Savage Land which finally seemed to bring humans and mutants together peacefully.

    In the Civil War 2099 arc, Shakti battled her former teammates of X-Men 2099, joining other heroes in this war. Later she resurfaced again as part of the X-Men helping the time-displaced X-Men.

    Powers & Abilities

    Calming the savage beast
    Calming the savage beast

    Shakti possesses a specific form of telepathy that allows her to 'sense' mutants in a similar manner to Charles Xavier's “Cerebro". She also has the ability to manipulate a person's nervous system. For instance, she can paralyze them as well as stun and render them unconscious or access any autonomic functions. Shakti has a small implant below her left ear that allows her to directly connect to computers and the Cybernet.


    • Known Relatives: Zail Haddad (father)
    • Citizenship: Indian
    • Place of Birth: India
    • Marital Status: Single
    • Occupation: Adventurer, freedom fighter
    • Education: Master's in Genetics


    • Gender: Female
    • Height: 5'8" (1.768 cm)
    • Weight: 128 lbs. (58.59 kg)
    • Eyes: Brown
    • Hair: Black

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