Character » Cerdian appears in 27 issues.

    Infant son of Tempest and Dolphin. Disappered with Dolphin during Infinite Crisis with the destruction of Atlantis. He was later confirmed dead.

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    Shortly after returning from Atlan's dimension and adopting the name Tempest, Garth began a relationship with Dolphin. She was formerly involved with Aquaman. Initially, Garth and Dolphin concealed their relationship from Aquaman, unsure of what his reaction would be. Eventually, Aquaman learned of their relationship and gave them his blessing. Dolphin the discovered she was pregnant. Garth was happy at the news and proposed marriage. Garth and Dolphin were married in a traditional Atlantean ceremony with friends and family in attendance. Dolphin has since given birth to a son. Dolphin and Tempest's first child was named Cerdian by Aquaman as a gesture to the surface-country Cerdia, which had recently fallen under Atlantean control. As Garth's obligations to the Titans increased, he seemed to have troubled balancing his family life with his dedication to the team. Dolphin recited the situation by moving into Titans Tower with Cerdian. But soon after, the Tower was destroyed by enemy forces. To put a further strain on the situation, Tempest was almost killed by an addictive drug from Chemical World. After these events, Dolphin insisted Garth to retire from the Titans - and Garth reluctantly complied.

    Garth moved his family to New Atlantis, where he was greeted with suspicion from the new rulers and placed under house arrest. Leaving his wife and small child behind, Tempest used his wizardry to escape Atlantis and sought Aquaman for help. Eventually, the sorcerer's rule was overturned and Atlantis was restored. Before its citizens could celebrate, Atlantis was attacked by the Spectre, who was driven mad he lost his human host. As Spectre razed Atlantis to the ground, Tempest and several Atlantean mystics unsuccessfully tried to combat him. With Atlantis destroyed, only Tempest's tattered costumed was found. Tempest later returned - and began to search for his lost wife and child. Tragically, he soon discovered the corpse of Dolphin and Cerdian in the ruins of Atlantis.

    Post Flashpoint

    Dawn of DC

    It was revealed Cerdian was removed from time and brainwashed by Granny Goodness in order to became a member of The Furious.


    • Amphibious
    • Super Strength
    • Hydrokinesis


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