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When the planet Hodomur was destroyed by the entity Lore; the survivors of the alien race made a new being from their strongest people to hunt down Lore. Along with his powers and weapon, a staff known as Parralax which he is psychically linked to, Century was infused with a deep hatred for Lore and was created with a 100-year life span in order to attain his goal. While on his quest in search of Lore, Century was made a slave to the alien race known as The Scatter and was forced to lead them to planets which they could them feast on.


Century was created by Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning and Tom Tenney and first appeared in Force Works #1.

Major Story Arcs

Force Works

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Century was summoned to Earth by the Scarlet Witch's hex ability during a skirmish between the remnants of the West Coast Avengers and Kree. Inadvertently bringing with him The Scatter, Century aided the Avengers in fighting off The Scatter out of guilt for having led them to Earth. In the midst of battle, Wonder Man perished and, blaming himself for Wonder Man's death, Century pledged to honor his death by taking his place within the team. Century remaiend with the Force Works team, as it would be known after Wonder Man's death. Eventually, he left the team trying to look for his place on his new home world.

The Revengers

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Some years after his last siting, Century was seen again as part of the Wonder Man lead team of heroes whom took on the Avengers. Point was that Wonder Man thought the Avengers to do more harm then good. After a battle, the team was incarecerated by the Avengers.

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