Century City

    Location » Century City appears in 69 issues.

    Century City is under the protection of The Green Hornet and Kato from gangs and mobs that litter it's streets.

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    Places of Note

    Baltic Avenue

    Britt Reid Sr. Memorial Statue- Formerly The Britt Manor

    The Sentinel Newspaper Building

    The Hornet's Nest

    Century City University-

    City Hall

    Century City Hospital-With The Janet Reid Memorial Oncology Wing

    Lee's Dojo - Just on the edge of china town. Where Britt Reid Jr trained before becoming the Green Hornet

    Quaid Plastics-Known front for the Black Widow Motorcycle gang

    Rockhill Preparatory High School- The leading private high school in Century City.

    Club Thump! - Nightclub in a bad part of Century City, where Mayor Colton is shot.


    Don Ellis - Mayor who declared his first day in office "Elvis Day'

    Frank Scanlon - District Attorney turned Mayor. Killed by Black Hornet.

    Mayor Gedder - Mayor after Scanlon. Killed by Mister Jenson dressed as the Green Hornet.

    Deputy Mayor Edwards - Put into critical care during the assassination of Gedder.

    Kent Palmer - Hired Jenson to kill Gedder and became Mayor when Edwards was put into critical care. Later Arrested.

    Michael Colton - Made Mayor after Kent Palmer was arrested. Assassinated on his first day in office.

    Beth Penny - Deputy Mayor under Colton. Made Mayor after Colton's death.


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