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A Nobel Prize winner in the 1930's, Dr. Noah Black, soon thereafter vanished from sight. Angry at having been censured for his ideas about the origin of life. Black believed that life evolved from "internuclear space", that each atom was "a sub-miniature solar system." To prove his point, Black moved to an isolated Pacific island he dubbed Valhalla to conduct his research. There, he developed the Evolutionizer, a device that he used, not only to keep himself young, but to accelerate his own evolution.


Centurius was created by Jim Steranko and first appeared in Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD 2 (1968).

Mayor Story Arcs

Against Nick Fury and SHIELD

He also created a spaceship in orbit known as the Automated Rebirth Colonizer (ARC), which will not only sustain life on-board for a century, but can rain enough "radioactive fire" on the earth to kill every living thing. The ARC was to act upon his long-simmering hatred of humankind, leaving him to inherit the earth and re-populate the planet with his own life forms.

However, the heroic Nick Fury of SHIELD. went to the island to try and stop him. During their struggle, equipment was damaged and the ARC fell from orbit. Fury escaped minutes before the "hell-born comet of doom" dropped on Valhalla and caused the atoll to explode. Centurius survived by jumping into his Evolutionizer and reverting back to "a handful of protoplasmic slime." Escaping, he was also seen battling the incredible Hulk.

Imprisonment and the Thunderbolts

One of the bad guys to escape The Raft. Later joined The Hood's crime syndicate and took part in the plan to take down the New Avengers.

He was later recaptured and incarcerated in The Raft, and is now being considered for a position on The Thunderbolts back-up team. 

Powers & Abilities

Centurius is an extraordinary genius, with highly advanced knowledge of genetics, biology, and technology. He's created countless machines and gadgets over the years; including teleporters, ray guns, holographic projectors, remote viewers, and more; as well as numerous unearthly creatures and monsters with his mastery of accelerated evolution.

Centurius himself is also a product of his accelerated evolution methods, with his body now superior to that of average men. He's faster, stronger, and has brought his aging to a virtual halt. He's also well-versed in unarmed combat.

Typically, Centurius utilizes power armor of his own design, making him tougher, stronger, allowing him to interface with machines, and containing several of his gadgets and other equipment.


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