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    A follower of Zarathos who started to question his faith when the woman he loved was chosen as a sacrifice to Zarathos. Determined not to let her soul be taken away, he made a pact with Mephisto. He offered his own soul for the release of his love's soul's release.

    In the end he could no longer feel love for others. However, he would also be equipped with vast powers.

    Many years later, he would live in a small mansion with those souls he had taken. This would lead him to his first fight with Johnny Blaze, the Ghost Rider. In the end, he met his second defeat to Ghost Rider after he and the demon Zarathos became trapped in the soul crystal.

    Centurious would later escape the soul crystal but with Zarathos hiding within him. He set out on a mission to find Ghost Rider and created the company known as the Firm. Sending members of the FIRM after Ghost Rider, he would end up failing. He would later team up with Lilith and attack Ghost Rider in the host of Daniel Ketch and Johnny Blaze. He then captured Daniel Ketch's mom and tortured her in a bid for the medallion of power.

    At a confrontation in the Cypress Hill Cemetery; Zarathos escaped and defeated Centurious in battle. Centurious would return to seek out Blaze and kill Blaze's wife Roxanne. Centurious was killed by Blaze after he got a round of Hellfire shot into his face.

    Quasimodo reaches-out to Centurious for Norman Osborn.


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