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    Centrix is a Canadian man who used his abilities to project energy force waves in the Global Guardians.

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    Height: 5'9"

    Weight: 160lbs

    Eyes: Green

    Hair: Blond


    Mark Armstrong was a young, ambitious man raised in Manitoba, Canada. Mark was an excellent student, athlete, and son to his parents, mostly to compensate for his sister, a drug addict. Mark went to university in Ontario, majoring in business, and joining an advertising firm in the city. Mark became a high powered advertising executive, aquiring a vast amount of wealth through excessive work and smart investing. Mark also developed the use of his super human powers, which allowed him to create force waves in equal and opposite directions from his body. Mark perfected the use of his powers, and became one of Canada's only public super-heroes, taking the codename Centrix.

    Eventually, Mark grew disillusioned with his high powered job and the spiritual void he felt in the business world. He divorced his wife of three years, moved to British Columbia and, living off his wealth, settled in Ladysmith on Vancouver Island. Mark became a relative "hippie", hiding his fortune from others to blend in with the simple, bed and breakfast crowd. He began studying star charts and reading tarot while, at the same time, making wise investment moves that kept his bank accounts and investments robust. He was also an avid consumer of computer gadgets. He continued to fight crime as Centrix, mostly on trips to Vancouver and his occasion returns to Ontario.

    Mark was one of several recruits to the Global Guardians in its last incarnation. After watching and recording Centrix battle low level criminals in Canada for years, J'Onn J'Onzz, the Martian Manhunter, recommended Centrix to Owlwoman for membership. Unfortunately, this collection of Guardians remained together for only a short time, and Centrix returned to his home in Ladysmith.

    Centrix possesses a duality to his personality. On one hand, he's very "spiritual" in a new age, sort of way, constantly experiment with astrology and numerology, chakra aligning, etc. to find inner, spiritual peace. On the other hand, he's has an incredible mind for business and technology, is particularly savvy with making advancements in each. Centrix speaks English and some Canadian French. His family is Protestant, although he has chosen to embrace new age philosophy over a more traditional set of religious beliefs.


    Centrix has the ability to project invisible energy in equal and opposite directions from his body. If Centrix projects a bolt of energy north, for example, one of equal size and power will be projected from his body in a southern direction. He can create a rotating series of shapes using this energy, and is not limited to simple, large bursts of invisible energy. He can use the force as a battering ram, to lift himself aloft, and, if he focuses it, to project weaponry.


    Centrix keeps various small pellets and tips in pockets laced throughout his costume, to place in the force fields he projects from his body as weapons. Centrix also carries all sorts of computerized gadgets, ranging from a cell phone and palm pilot to a small translator, in several of those pockets.


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