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There have been a few Centaur characters that have been revived by Dynamite Entertainment under their Project Superpowers title.

Here are some of the stable of characters that were originally published by Centaur:

Airman (Centaur. Dynamite)

Amazing Man and Tommy, the Amazing Boy (Centaur, Dynamite)

The Arrow (Centaur, Dynamite)

Black Panther (Centaur version)

Blue Fire

Blue Lady

The Buzzard

Catman (Centaur version)

Chuck Hardy

The Clock (Centaur, sold to Quality Comics, DC, Dynamite)

Craig Carter and the Magic Ring

Dan Hastings (Centaur, Chesler, MLJ)

Daredevil, Barry Finn

Dash Dartwell, the Human Meteor

Dean Denton


Devil of The Deep

Dick Houston

Dirk ,The Demon

Dr. Darkness

Dr. Frost (Centaur version)

Dr. Hypno

Dr. Loy and Dr. Loy's Monsters

Dr. Magno

Dr. Mystic

Doctor Nikia

Dr. Synthe

Doctor Watkins

Doctor Z

Don Dixon

The Electric Eye or Detective Eye

Electric Ray

The Eye Sees (The Eye) (Centaur version)

Fantom of the Fair ( Fantoman later Gravestone at Malibu)

The Ferrett (Centaur version)

The Fire-Man

Gabby Flynn

Great One

Great Question

Grizzly Dunn

Hobo Harper

The Hood (Centaur version)

Invisible Terror

Iron Skull

Jack Strand

Jon Linton

Jungle Prince

The King of Darkness



Lady Zina

Liberty Guards

Magician from Mars

Man of War (Centaur, Dynamite)

Mantoka, Maker of Indian Magic

Marksman (Centaur version)

The Masked Marvel (Centaur, Dynamite)

Meteor Martin

Miraco the Magician

Mighty Man


Nightshade (Centaur version)

The Owl (Centaur version)


Phantom Princess

Phantom Rider (Centaur version)

Plymo or Plymm, the Rubber Man

Prince Kelo, Jungle Prince

Queen Marie

The Rainbow

Red Blaze

Reef Kinkaid


Rocky Baird

Scarlet Ace (Centaur version)

The Sentinel (Centaur version)

The Shark (Centaur version)

Skyrocket Steele and Sari Marston

Solarman (Centaur version)

The Sparkler

Spark O' Leary

Speed Centaur


Stars and Stripes

Star Spangler Banner


Super Spy


T.N.T. (Centaur version)

TNT Todd of the F.B.I.

Undercover Man


The Voice (Centaur version)

Zardi, the Eternal Man



Many of the characters have separate pages while others do not.


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