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    Celestine was an Angel of the seraphim order and a renowned Hellspawn hunter before she was killed in battle by Violator. Her body was taken back to Heaven and two other Angels, who were at one time close friends with the deceased warrior, attempted to use a machine that could return Celestine to life even though it had been banned centuries earlier. Though successful, when Celestine awoke, she was not herself, and was in fact more violent and brutal than before. She then led an uprising in the home world of the Angels, Elysia, before being defeated by Glory and the freelance Angel known as Angela.


    Celestine is an Image comics published character, the seraphic character first appearing in Violator vs. Badrock #1 - Rocks and Hard Places Part 1 released in 1996. The character of Celestine was created by writers Alan Moore, Rob Liefeld and Brian Denham.

    Character Evolution

    Celestine would first appear in 1996 in Violator vs. Badrock series, published under Image comics and her character would go on to be an antagonist for many of the most popular Image comic series. Celestine would feature in as well as being the main antagonist in the Image cross over ever series Rage of Angels, which covered such titles as Glory/Angela, Team Youngblood, Maximage, and Glory. Aside from that Celestine would also star in her own mini series Celestine, which ran for two issues. Celestine is very typical of the house style of Image comics in the mid 90's, with many of their characters adopting the bad girl art aesthetic, that would include Celestine, her two angelic companions Astra and Crystal, the character of Glory, Angela and Avengelyne from Image of the time, and contemporaries such as Lady Death, Vampirella and Witchblade. This would include Celestine having exaggerated physique, minimal clothing, increased sex appeal and an aggressive, assertive, gritty demeanor and attitude.

    In many of Celestine's appearances she would be accompanied by the characters Astra and Crystal, all three seraphim warriors visually similar with Celestine distinguished by her bright white hair.

    Major Story Arcs

    Badrock VS Violator

    After superhero Badrock confronts and initiates conflict with the demon Violator, the Whiteside Parsons Institute, whom Badrock is assisting, manages to capture Violator alive. Transferring his body to their institute, for their project known as Dante. Badrock is asked to provide security for the experiment. Badrock would find out the project is to essentially open a gateway to hell. This project headed up by Sally McAllister, attracts the attention of Celestine who is determined to kill Violator, as a hell spawn creature. The fact that humans are attempting to open a portal to hell, also of concern to the Angel. Celestine would initially disguise herself as a human business woman, but upon trying to enter the Whiteside Institute, she would encounter resistance and quickly discard her false persona to effortlessly and ruthless kill guards.


    As Celestine closes in on her prey, Violator, he manages to convince Badrock to free him, as there is no way that they could handle Celestine by themselves and her ruthless nature would get a lot of them killed. Badrock believes him, however Violator takes the opportunity to transform into his large human clown appearance as Celestine enters the picture. Confusing Badrock as the demon she must judge and annihilate, the two begin to brawl. With her back turned Violator would take the opportunity and violently impale Celestine on his clawed demonic arm, it bursting through her chest. He would pull out her heart, as he taunted the angel, Celestine staggering a bit. With her last bit of energy she would power on the Institutes Hell gate, before seeming to die from her injuries.


    When Celestine is seemingly killed by the Violator, Astra and Crystal collect what is left of her physical remains, notably her heart and return it to Elysium, the city of Angels to hopefully restore her. Astra and Crystal are successful and the renewed Celestine leads them on a charge to overthrow heaven, killing and slaughtering several angels and starting a rebellion. They head to the isle of the Paradise, the home of the mighty warrior race the Amazonian's to look for a source of tremendous power. Celestine enthralls a group of Amazonian warriors to her cause through deceit, which brings her and Astra and their group into conflict with the warriors Glory and Angela. Celestine captures Lady Demeter, Glory's mother and true leader of the Amazonian warriors. They plan to execute her. This plan is interrupted by the arrival of Glory and Angela who attempt to fight there way through the assembled rebel Angels and deceived Amazonian's. Although it seems like the two warriors would be overwhelmed, Glory calls upon the power of her birthright and home and summons a tremendous storm that drives Astra, Crystal and Celestine to retreat.

    Powers and Abilities

    Celestine possesses divine powers, as a result of being an angel and seraphim. She is noteworthy among the angels for being an incredibly proficient in killing and slaying demons and hellspawn. The warrior angel Angela supposes she might even be the best of angels. Metatron even recruits Angela under the concern only she may defeat Celestine. Celestine possesses enhanced strength levels, durability and resistance to most types of common disease or malady. She also possesses enhanced speed and agility, and is a capable fighter and warrior. Along with Crystal and Astra she was able to viciously slaughter many angels of heaven in a rebellion despite being outnumbered.

    Celestine as an angel is suppose to be able to discern things from people just by being near them, their name, names of relatives, and this even extends as far as knowledge about gadgets and objects she is near. Supposedly her power also gives off a humming vibration.


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