Celestine Wright

    Character » Celestine Wright appears in 16 issues.

    A deadly enemy of Sara Pezzini. Celestine was thought to have died but has recently returned demanding the Witchblade. She was then chosen to be a worthy vessel for the Angelus force. She is then attacked by Gleason and then by Jackie Estecado with The Blood Sword and decapitated. Celestine is dead and Angelus spirit is released from her body.

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    Celestine is a girl who was raised harshly. She is quite strong, agile, and she was born with photographic memory. She has one flaw though, a good deed is in her eyes a weakness and she must atone it, usually by a criminal act that kills someone. By her own words she has murdered at least 40 people, and was sent to mental hospital.

    Major Story Arcs

    Strenght And Weakness & One Good Turn

    She was contained in mental institute for two years, but she escaped from there. She meets with a cop named Sara Pezzini and her mystical artifact Witchblade, who investigates her murders. Celestine escapes from the first meeting with Witchblade, but later she thinks that Witchblade wanted her, so she attacks police precinct, with intent to get Witchblade from Sara. She again tackles with Sara Pezzini, who shoots the bomb strapped to Celestine. It seems quite impossible, but Celestine managed to escape the blast somehow. When she's recovered from her last encounter with Sara she makes another attempt to get the Witchblade. She attacks Sara at police station again, but she does not have Witchblade anymore. Suddenly Dani attacks her with the named weapon, knocking her unconscious. She then is arrested.

    First Born & Angelus Pilot

    Celestine as Angelus
    Celestine as Angelus

    While she sat in the prison she got a visited by Angelus and she was taken as a host. She tried to take Sara's newborn baby who tipped the balance to Darkness. But something happened that made even the Angelus doubt her mission, and they flew to start anew. Taking a name Tina she worked as a waitress in some coffee shop. She often spoke with Angelus entity in her, who had cured her of the one flaw that made her kill. They were visited by some people with powers who seemed to know Celestine, she however didn't recognize them. She again takes off, hoping to uncover her past.

    Broken Trinity

    It's unknown if or what she discovered, but she was again serving drinks in a bar. When two new artifacts moved to equation, she too returned to New York. She battled Darkness and Witchblade again and when Ember Stone bearer got too cocky, she banished her to somewhere. She is then attacked by Gleason and then by Jackie with The Blood Sword and decapitated. Celestine is dead and Angelus spirit is released from her body. Her full name is revealed on her grave stone, which says "Celestine Wright - In the arms of the angels".


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