Celestial Technology

    Concept » Celestial Technology appears in 74 issues.

    Automation's used by the Celestials, able to remake mortals into gods placing it second to none in the Marvel universe.

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    Celestials are an all-powerful race of galaxian titans who helped shape the Marvel Multiverse. Older than creation itself, their technology is the greatest apparatical find most any inquisitive mind can ascertain.

    Technology out in the Universe

    Many ancient celestials had visited other worlds long before the Earth came into being. One such world was that which belonged to an Elder of the Universe called Gara whose planet was made the home one such Celestial. He would introduce them to a device that would bestow upon them their greatest potential selves, but it would come at the cost of personal degradation. Gara's entire society destroying itself as a consequence of their newfound greatness.

    Technology on Earth

    The very first indication of Celestial technology found on Earth was in the primordial age when one of the alpha Celestials called The Progenitor fell on the newly forming planet and died there due to Horde affliction. It's hyper-cosmic fluids seeped into the prehistoric soup that would be the keystone of life on the face of the world several billion years down the line after space giants demise.

    From there another of said Celestial's host would descend upon the planet and do battle with it's prehistoric defenders, from there the 1st host would respond and do battle with them but refused to dispatch of the Earth as they saw the potential leaving it to live.

    After having soundly bested the Avengers of old, the Celestials would run some experiments on the native cro magnum race before departing towards the stars. Leaving behind some of their mechanical engineering to the two divine sapient tribes that were born of their evolutionary thesis finding.

    Mandalay Gem

    The Mandalay Gem is composed by one of the most powerful minerals in the universe. Being crafted of Celestial Technology in it's beginning, the Mandalay Gem has access to vast repositories of Cosmic Energy. Energies which enable the protection of its wearer through a cosmic aura capable of withstanding high power energy attacks and to a less effective degree; against physical attacks as well. It also serves as a focus for said energies that the user can manipulate from their person at will,


    Interstellar Transport

    Black Vortex

    Creation Constellation

    The Monolith

    During The First Celestial Host on Earth, the Celestials placed the first of many Monoliths in a jungle and exposed it to early Man, who were largely afraid of it due to the high-pitched noises it made. Even though its functions are virtually unknown it is highly possible that The Monolith is a recording device of some sorts as well as a gateway to another dimension, one that tends to evolve any who enter it beyond their natural state of being.

    Uranos' Armory


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