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A Celestial Golem or Gatherer were humanoid shaped red skinned constructs that were used by the cosmic race of beings known as the Celestials. Millions of years ago, they accompanied their masters to the planet Earth during the arrival of the First Host. They were tasked with the acquisition of genetic material with this information being used to create the Eternals, Deviants and placing the X-Gene within humanity. When the Celestials departed the planet, several Gatherers were left inert where they remained undisturbed for thousands of years. In the modern age, the Damocles Foundation learnt of their existence and intended to salvage these constructs in order to control the genetic destiny of life on Earth. One Gatherer had been acquired by a team of Deviants only for it to be destroyed at the hands of Sledge. Another was recovered from the Marianas Trench and was being studied when X-Force arrived at the facility. This saw Selene take over the Golem where she turned it against her enemies such as devolving Damocles's SWORD strike team. However, Dani Moonstar used her quantum powers in conjunction with Arcadia Deville to destroy the Gatherer.

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