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    Character » Celeste Noble appears in 64 issues.

    Celeste Noble married into the Noble Family for the fame & glory. She married Rusty Noble but the two have since divorced. She remains a part of the Noble Family despite this.

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    Celeste Noble was originally a normal average looking young woman than wanted more for herself and from her life.  It is not known how but she managed to have extensive surgery to enhance her beauty, her figure and her abilities.  She hired minor villains so that she could meet Rusty Noble of the famous Noble Family.   Even though Celeste fires bolts of stellar energy and can fly Rusty insisted she learn how to fight should she ever find herself in a situation where her powers might not be available to her.   After a rather short courtship the two were married.  Some time into their marriage Celeste learned of Frost, Rusty and Race Noble's illegitimate half-brother.  Celeste ventured to the frozen north and met the black sheep of the Noble Family at his frozen castle.  The two began an affair that would be a secret for some time.
    Rusty finally caught his wife and half-brother (who he despises for no reason other than because he's not a full blood sibling) and the two fought.  Celeste managed to keep the two from killing one another.  Shortly afterwords Celeste files for divorce, even returning the special ring Rusty had acquired for her.  Frost and Celeste continue their no strings attached relationship  despite having nothing to gain save sexual gratification (both seemed to take great pleasure in agitating Rusty prior to the divorce).  Celeste was one of  several heroes/heroines sent on a mission to rescue scientists on an interstellar exploration mission.  The team is comprised of Venture, Firebird, Cosmic Rae and much to Rusty's displeasure, Frost.
    It was revealed that the mission was not to another world, but another dimension.  The dimension was in fact ruled by Frost's grandfather (thus Celeste's  ex-grandfather by marriage) and that they had been duped as the exploration mission was in reality a military mission of undisclosed nature.  Gaia Noble and the rest of the Noble Family arrived mere moments before Frost was about to kill his grandfather to save his teammates.
    After returning from their mission, it is revealed [to the readers] that sometime after her divorce Celeste met and was pursued romantically by Dawn Blackthorne, the daughter of the Blackthorne crime family.  Dawn was instantly smitten with Celeste and the two went on a shopping date.  After they had finished their shopping spree Dawn attempted to kiss Celeste but she initially rejects the blonde's advances.  She later finds herself thinking about the event and returns to Dawn's apartment.  When Dawn answers Celeste kisses the younger woman.  The two begin a clandestine lesbian relationship keeping their affair a secret from the Nobles, Blackthrones, and the press.  After Dawn becomes angry with the situation regarding their relationship she attacks Rusty and Cosmic Rae.  Rusty easily defeats her and informs Celsete, who is in the middle of a nude photo shoot, who promptly arranges for an attack on the Nobles so she can sneak Dawn out of the mansion.  Unfortunately this does not work and Celeste makes the nature of her relationship with Dawn known, without actually saying it to her family.
    Immediately after this Celeste informs Dawn that she is sorry and that she loves her.
    Unfortunately their love comes to a halt when Dawn's mother, Kitty Blackthorne, begs Celeste to kill her.  Kitty is a shapeshifter and her feline animal form is becoming unstable.  She is killing innocents against her will and wants to be put out of her misery.  Celeste reluctantly obliges and blows her head off with an energy blast.  Even more unfortunate is the fact that Dawn witnesses this, thus ending their relationship.
    Five years after these events Celeste is an active part of the Noble Superhero Team and has married a very old gentleman known as Gus Geyer (Colonel Comet).


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