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    Celeste Morne served as a Jedi Shadow in the Jedi Covenant - a secret division within the Jedi Order - first seen in the "Vector" story arc she meets Zayne, Gryph, Vader, Luke, and Cade. She is in possession, of the most dangerous item in the galaxy, the Muur Talisman, an item that in the wrong hands could potentially threaten all life in the galaxy.

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    Knights of the Old Republic Era

    Celeste was on a mission by Covenant to not only kill Zayne Carrick, but to also find the Muur Talisman, a Sith artifact. When she caught up with Zayne and his companion Gryph on Taris, she first tried to arrest them, but after a short conversation, she decided to let them join her in finding the Talisman. Later, they found out that the Mandalorians had found the Talisman first. As both Zayne and Celeste traveled to destroy the Talisman, Celeste realize that Zayne was innocent in the Jedi Masscare on Taris. As time went on, they found out that the Mandalorian called Pulsipher, plan on using the Talisman to create and control Raghouls to destroy the Republic.

    After Celeste and Zayne Carrick found the Muur Talisman, the Sith artifact nearly took control of Zayne, but Celeste who believed she had a better chance of controlling the Talisman took it from Zayne and accepted it herself acting as both the prison and prisoner of Karness Muur. For a while, it seemed that Celeste was in control of herself and the raghouls, but Muur was slowly taking control of her. After much convincing from Zayne, she decided to put herself in an oubliette so that the Talisman influence wouldn't escape, and Zayne could find a solution to remove the talisman off her. Before Zayne could go back to obtain the oubliette of the planet, The Mandalorian leader Cassus Fett nuked the planet surface to destroy the Raghouls and seemingly killed Celeste Morne.

    Dark Times Era

    During the rise of the Empire, Celeste was awoken from stasis by Darth Vader who attempted to turn her to the Dark Side and make her his new apprentice, but Celeste's deep hatred of the Sith proved to be too much for Vader to change and he attempted to slay her and take the Muur Talisman as his own.

    The two engaged in a lightsaber dual, of which Darth Vader proved to be the superior fighter and Celeste was forced to use the power of the Muur Talisman to even the odds, turning Vader's stormtroopers into Raghouls. Vader was forced to retreat to his shuttle and Celeste Morne continue to stay on the planet now with Raghouls.

    Rebellion Era

    Twenty years after the encounter with Celeste Morne, Darth Vader tried once again to make her an apprentice to destroy the rebellion. Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia heard that the Empire had a secret weapon where Morne was located and went to investigate it in which they found Morne. However, Morne was driven insane thanks to the influence of Karness Muur and attack the two. Muur then realized that the two were Force sensitive and decided to take control of one of them.

    After the talisman came off of Morne, she came back to her senses, but realized that the Talisman was too dangerous for someone else to take control, so she took control of the talisman once more. Celeste felt she was too dangerous to live near habited systems and took an abandon starfighter and flew to a passing Star Destroyer in took control of the ship. She later traveled into the Deep Core to live in exile.

    Legacy Era

    Celeste Morne's ship was found by the Star Destroyer Iron Sun, mistaking the Imperials she encountered as being under the control of the Sith like the ones she encountered during the Emperor's rule, she turned many into Rakghouls which in turn slaughtered the rest of the crew. Celeste and the Rakghouls lived on the Iron Sun adrift in the Deep Core for 10 years until Cade Skywalker, the crew of The Mynock, and the Imperial Knights, who were travelling through the Deep Core on their way to Had Abbadon, were suddenly pulled out of hyperspace near the Iron Sun, and pulled into the Star Destroyer by a tractor beam. On the Iron Sun, Cade, Azlyn Rae and other members of Cade's crew were attacked by Rakghouls who Celeste had briefly lost control of, Cade and Azlyn were both scratched by the Rakghouls and began to transform into them, but when Cade discovered the Rakghoul transformation was actually a virus, he used his force healing to purge the illness from Azlyn and himself.

    Impressed by Cade's power with the force, and his ability to walk the line so close to the dark side without actually going over the edge, Celeste joined Cade on his mission to assassinate Darth Krayt. Celeste, Cade, Azlyn and the others travelled to Had Abbadon where the planned to set a trap for Darth Krayt, while the Imperial Knights and the Mynock dispatched much of the Krayt's ground forces with air strikes, Cade, Azlyn, and Celeste infiltrated a tower under the guard of Darth Reave and a platoon of Stormtroopers. Celeste used the magic of the Muur Talisman to turn the Stormtroopers into Rakghouls and sent them after Darth Reave who was bitten by one of the Raks.

    Reave managed to escape the Rakghouls and Cade wen't to pursue the Sith but was stopped by Celeste who said if the Sith lord went to his master, then Darth Krayt would certainly show himself. Later the Imperial Knight Antares Draco reported the power of the Muur Talisman to Emperor Roan Fel who ordered Draco to bring Celeste before him, or at very least take the Muur Talisman from her and deliver it to him. The Muur Talisman called out to some of the force wielders, trying to bait them into killing Celeste and taking control of the Talisman for themself. This led to Cade confronting Celeste and making it clear that if she didn't stop the Talisman from tempting his friends. he would put her and it into the nearest black hole, Celeste was impressed that Cade Skywalker seemed to be above the Muur's influence.

    Soon after Celeste helped Cade, the crew of the Mynock and the Imperial Knights ambush Darth Krayt, during the fight Celeste nearly was overtaken by the influence of Muur, and after the battle which led to Krayt being critically injured she asked Cade to kill her, and Cade agreed igniting his Lightsaber through Celeste's heart. The Muur Talisman attempted to take over Cade after her death, but Cade's will proved too strong, and the artifact was destroyed.


    • Hair: Black
    • Eyes: Blue (when Celeste is in control) Red (when Muur is in control)

    Powers and abilities

    Celeste has many powers comon to most Jedi, including a variety of telepathic and telekinetic skills, and is adept with a Lightsaber. One of the things that truly sets Celeste apart from other Jedi is the Muur Talisman, an artifact of Sith Magic, with it Celeste has lived thousands of years and has the ability to turn all but those strong in the force and certain alien species into creatures known as Rakghouls which she can control telepathically.

    However the Talisman constantly leaves Celeste in a struggle to control her own body as it houses the spirit of Sith Lord Karness Muur who is constantly trying to gain control over her, or tempt other force wielders to kill her and take the Talisman for themselves.


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