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She is the leader of the surviving Giant-Born, old monsters of myth that fought against the Greek gods in the Gigantomahy and the armies of Atlantis.


Celeana was created by Jeff Parker and Paul Pelletier. His first appearance was in Aquaman #29 (May 2014).

Major Story Arcs

Aquaman: Olympian

The Giant-Born were imprisoned in another dimension by the King of Atlantis and the Greek hero Hercules, but Hercules was also sealed with them in the effort.

Centuries later they were freed alongside Hercules when Daniel Evans, an archaeologist, stole (or "borrowed" according to him) the Trident of Aquaman and used it to open a portal he thought would lead to Atlantis. It was revealed that he was manipulated by Celeana and the giant-born into misreading what the portal would actually do.

After they were freed Aquaman arrived at the scene and managed to beat most of them and after a long fight seal an enraged and manipulated Hercules to a labyrinth dimension with a promise to try to help him in the future.

However some of the gian-born escaped and hid in a remote castle in France, under the pretense of making a film (which explained their bizarre image). Celeana used her powers of mind control to lure tourists for the giant-born to drain their life energy.

Later Aquaman and Wonder Woman arrived at the scene and defeated them. While they were being restrained by the Justice Leaguers they started falling apart. Dr. Evans theorized it was due to them being separated too much from their original time period.

Powers and Abilities

Celeana is a very long lived giant-born creature of myth. She is very cunning and manipulative and possesses a number of powers.


Celeana can fly due to her wings.

Giant-Born Physiology

Every giant born seems unique with different abilities. Celeana has a snake like body with wings and two arms.

Claws / Fangs

She has claws on all her fingers and knife like teeth.

Mind Control

Celeana can control and manipulate others through her voice. Similar to a siren's song. It can affect extremely powerful characters like Hercules, Aquaman and Wonder Woman.


She is the leader of the surviving giant-born and she planned how they would get free and all the giant-born follow her orders willingly.


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