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    Ceecee is a prominent character in the Vertigo series Young Liars.


    Ceecee was created by David Lapham.

    Character Evolution

    Ceecee seduces Danny in an attempt at blackmail
    Ceecee seduces Danny in an attempt at blackmail

    As the series is narrated by an unreliable character, there is a lot of speculation about how much of each character's story is actually true. She is Sadie's best friend, though Danny loathes her. She is a vain and promiscuous character, often sleeping with other characters to further her own agenda, and has a history of sleeping around with musicians.

    Prior to Danny being sectioned, Ceecee is depicted as an ex lover of his, and the two sleep together repeatedly while Danny and Sadie are together. However, after Danny is sectioned, his therapist tells him that the real Ceecee (as with all members of the gang) claims never to have known him, and can only identify Danny as the man who raped her. He later confronts her, tracking Ceecee down at a supermarket where she is shopping with her young son. She is visibly afraid when confronted by him, and runs away.

    Major Story Arcs

    Ceecee's Babies

    Ceecee finds the arm
    Ceecee finds the arm

    At one point in the story, Ceecee tells one of her lovers that she is pregnant, causing him to abandon her. She claims that her pregnancy is a miracle, as she has previously been treated for syphilis and has been told that the disease has rendered her infertile. However, not far into the pregnancy, Sadie finds her bleeding in the bathroom. She has a miscarriage, and is rushed to hospital. Days later, while on the toilet, she discovers a tiny baby's arm floating in the toilet bowl, which she takes out and keeps in a box in her purse. Danny later finds this and confronts her, tossing the arm into the garbage disposable and causing Ceecee to burst into hysterics. Typically of the Young Liars series, Ceecee later denies all of this, claiming to not remember any of it.

    Ceecee also claims to have been pregnant in her teens, telling Danny that she gave herself an abortion by taking a friend's pills, but it is unclear whether this is true or a lie designed to elicit sympathy and manipulate him into sleeping with her.

    She later becomes pregnant again, but cannot tell whether the baby belongs to Danny, or a man who attacked them both during their adventures in Ibiza.

    Powers and Abilities

    Ceecee is a normal human character, and as such does not have any special abilities.


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