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    Former Talent Liaison for Marvel Entertainment, he's the current Senior Vice President, Creator and Content Developer.

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    As the Talent Liaison for Marvel, his main responsibility included scouting new artistic talent for the company, often times requiring him to travel to comic conventions around the world to meet possible candidates and review their work. He also frequently tweets numerous advice to new creators on his Twitter account.

    Cebulski’s title as the SVP, Creator and Content Development expands his role in terms of searching for new talent. According to, he will also “advise on creative directions for Marvel's key titles” and “work on creative aspects of development of larger corporate initiatives.”

    Cebulski is also a noted former editor and writer who worked on various comic titles including “Marvel Mangaverse,” "Loners," and "X-Infernus." He also wrote "Wonderlost" – an anthological book containing short autobiographical stories based on his early high school years.

    As a self-proclaimed foodie, Cebulski appeared as a guest judge on Food Network’s Challenge Show on the episode entitled, “Extreme Villain Cakes.” It first aired on April 11, 2010.


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