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His name was Joe, a hard working man who worked at a chemical plant and later would lose his career and source of income after Joe and some others were laid off. Desperate and in need of money, Joe personally visited the owner (later referred as the Fat Man) to change his mind about releasing Joe. However Joe was unsuccessful with his plea’s as the owner shared little remorse for Joe and advised him to rely on welfare. Knowing that welfare wasn’t the answer to his problems and that the owner had little compassion for his fellow employee’s, Joe would become angered when he noticed the owner’s dog would accidentally destroy a priceless item as the owner rewarded the dog with a filet mignon steak. Witnessing this set Joe into a murderous rage as he attacked and forced food down into the owner’s throat. Committing murder, Joe was shocked at what he just did and called the local authorities to report the incident. However Joe changed his mind after being put on hold and decided to have his crime to be heard elsewhere. Contacting Daily Bugle, he told his story to reporter Simon La Grange who took great pride with Joe’s story as he labeled him not only as a victim rather than a murderer. After seeing what Joe had done, La Grange supported Joe’s cause as he saw this as a way to increase his own career and dubbed Joe as the Caviar Killer. With Joe continuing his vigilante spree, La Grange secretly supported Joe as his voice for the public while he making front-page headlines with the Daily Bugle.

Major Story Arcs

Wearing a grayish shirt with a big red dollar sign, Joe pursued a quest of ridding the wealthy who were not charitable towards their fellow man. Managing to kill an elderly woman with her own pearl necklace and later shooting a billionaire oil baron in the heart with a diamond, not only did La Grange proudly build his reputation with Joe’s murders, but also captured the attention of both Daredevil and a fellow employee known as Phil Urich. As tension was building against Le Grange when Urich suspected that La Grange secretly supported the Caviar Killer for his own needs, Joe would eventually build his own cult of followers that shared his views of the wealthy. Secretly setting up a television interview with Joe and his followers, La Grange was unaware that Daredevil was following him and managed to track down Joe at La Grange’s secret location. This caused Joe’s followers to instantly attack Daredevil as Joe helplessly watched and realized the error of his ways. Not wanting to harm anybody or be responsible for more damage than what he already caused, Joe stopped the cult from attacking Daredevil and handed himself over to the authorities. La Grange would also lose his career with the Daily Bugle and be taken into police custody alongside with Joe as an accomplice. Even though Joe set out on his own quest and successfully sent a message to the people about his brutal crimes, he did manage to explain how he managed to give wealth a conscious.

Powers and Abilities

Caviar Killer has no powers or special abilities besides being charismatic for his own views of the wealth and how it can victimize a fellow man.    


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