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After the horrors she has witnessed in Limbo, our brave Cavewoman is more resolved than ever to stop Malevolence and her demon horde. The best defense is a good offense, so she goes in search of the General of Malevolence's armies, Lord Heinous, to take the fight to him. As one of the original 4 Lords of Limbo, does our Cavewoman stand a chance against him and can she stop this evil?

List of covers and their creators:

CoverNameCreator(s)Sidebar Location
ACover AAndrew Mangum (a) & Gene Jimenez (c)1
ACover A (Black & White)Andrew Mangum (a) & Gene Jimenez (c)Missing
BCover BAndrew Mangum (a) & Gene Jimenez (c)2
BCover B (Black & White)Andrew Mangum (a) & Gene Jimenez (c)Missing
CCover CAndrew Mangum (a) & Gene Jimenez (c)3
CCover C (Black & White)Andrew Mangum (a) & Gene Jimenez (c)Missing
DCover DBill Maus4
DCover D (Naughty)Bill MausMissing
DCover D (Naughty Black & White)Bill MausMissing
ECover EBudd RootMissing
ECover E (Naughty)Budd RootMissing
ECover E (Naughty Black & White)Budd RootMissing
FCover FBudd Root5
FCover F (Naughty)Budd RootMissing
FCover F (Naughty Black & White)Budd RootMissing
GCover GIzik Bell (a), Markovah (c) & Alexa Lo (c)6
GCover G (Black & White)Izik Bell (a),Markovah (c) & Alexa Lo (c)Missing
HCover HRob Doria (a) & Gene Jimenez (c)7
HCover H (Black & White)Rob Doria (a) & Gene Jimenez (c)Missing
ICover INick Nix (a) & Gene Jimenez (c)8
ICover I (Naughty)Nick Nix (a) & Gene Jimenez (c)Missing
ICover I (Naughty Black & White)Nick Nix (a) & Gene Jimenez (c)Missing
JCover JAndrew Mangum (a) & Gene Jimenez (c)9
JCover J (Naughty)Andrew Mangum (a) & Gene Jimenez (c)Missing
JCover J (Naughty Black & White)Andrew Mangum (a) & Gene Jimenez (c)Missing
KCover KDevon Massey10
KCover K (Naughty)Devon MasseyMissing
KCover K (Naughty Black & White)Devon MasseyMissing
LCover LDevon Massey11
LCover L (Naughty)Devon MasseyMissing
LCover L (Naughty Black & White)Devon MasseyMissing
MCover MBudd Root12
NBlank Sketch Cover NNoneMissing
OWraparound Cover O?Missing


none of this issue.


none of this issue.


none of this issue.


none of this issue.


none of this issue.

Story Arcs

none of this issue.

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