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Although only appearing in one contemporary issue of Wonder Woman comics (the rest of the appearances are as flashbacks), the Cavern of Souls plays an important part in the history of the Amazons. For centuries a collection of Greek goddesses collected the souls of women who had met their fate at the abusive hands of men into the cavern so that they could later be reborn. When the time was deemed appropriate the goddesses returned and freed all but one of the souls to be reborn as the warrior race of Amazons. One soul, that of an unborn child remained behind. As the Amazons proceeded through their history, they eventually were exiled to Themyscira for their failure at the hands of Heracles. Hippolyta, the Amazon queen, had an urge to release the soul from the cavern and formed the figure of a child from clay. Finally the mother could give birth to the child who had so long been waiting, and she named her daughter Diana, the new princess of the Amazons.

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