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    Character » Cave Carson appears in 140 issues.

    Cave Carson is a science-hero who, with his crews, has adventures in the worlds below.

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    Having a lifelong fascination with tunnels and caves, Cave Carson became an expert on the world within the world and gathered a highly skilled team to help him in his explorations. This team included ex-convict, strongman and tunnel expert Bulldozer Smith, renowned geologist Christie Madison and devil may care adventurer and fellow spelunker Johnny Blake.

    Accompanied by Bulldozer's pet lemur, Lena, these four devoted their lives to uncovering the hidden secrets of the world beneath the Earth. With the aid of the Mighty Mole - a remarkable digging machine invented by Cave and constructed with funds he had received as a result of his underground discoveries - Carson and his comrades uncovered the remains of ancient cities, located lost civilizations now living underground, and battled evolutionary throwbacks and even various alien lifeforms, all dwelling inside Earth.

    Forgotten Heroes

    More recently, Carson was banned from further exploring when he accidentally discovered an ancient object the government had classified top secret. Joining a number of other once famous adventurers whose careers were in decline, these Forgotten Heroes uncovered the secret of this mysterious object and helped to save the world. By this time Carson had lost touch with his three colleagues.
    Cave Carson was seen during the War that Time Forgot where he was a young World War II pilot fighting Japanese planes. He warned the U.S that Pearl Harbor was going to be attacked, but his plane was shot down by the Japanese and crashed on the island where Cave met soldiers from various past and present wars and helped them fight dinosaurs and then get back to their timelines of war.
    During Infinite Crisis, Cave Carson's name was mentioned on the TV News about an earthquake hitting India and heading towards Japan.
    Cave Carson was seen on TV with his Cave Crew Team in the Final Crisis when they discovered an ancient drawing under the New York Subway Station which proved the fact that they are still active.
    His name also came up when the Justice League of America were fighting a green force shield in Washington DC to get to the Hall of Justice. Barry Allen said to Superman and the rest of JLA that Cave Carson and the Sea Devils have tried to get to the underside where the dome intersects the Potomac river.


    In 2010 he appeared in HeroClix's set called The Brave and The Bold. Cave Carson was made in the set with a card of his appearance and his power range.


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