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    Starring: Selena Kyle as Catwoman.

    With only one limited series (Catwoman 1989) and a graphic novel (Catwoman: Defiant 1992) to her credit in her entire 50 year history, Selina Kyle finally stole the spotlight in her first ongoing series by writer Jo Duffy and artist Jim Balent.

    Spinning out of the pages of the large scale "Knightfall" crossover, Catwoman's adventures began when the criminal Bane sought to have some control over her. With an emphasis on international intrigue as well as the occasional jewel heist, Catwoman delivered nonstop action for 94 issues plus a #0 issue and #1000000 before being relaunched into a second series. Catwoman gained her own rogues gallery in this series including Hellhound, Cyber-cat and She-cat. The series was included in many Bat-Family crossovers during its run, such as No Man's Land, Cataclysm and Contagion.



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