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End Of The Road

The Story: 

Catwoman escapes Hell Planet and returns to Gotham City to resolve her unfinished business starting with the villain The Thief.  

My Thoughts:

Will Pfeifer and David Lopez end their run on this series which has been such a joy to read. I have really enjoyed the way Pfeifer has written Catwoman's character and how he has developed her during his run. Before this series I hadn't really cared much about Catwoman, but he's made her one of my favorite female characters. 

As always, the action sequences are scripted extremely well. What's even more thrilling to see is the way Catwoman has been outsmarting her opponents. I think it's safe to say she's picked up a few things from Batman concerning tactics over the years. 

I like how Pfeifer focused on Catwoman's up and down relationship with Batman in the final issue. I thought it was a very fitting end to the series. Rooftop chasing and a little romance about sums those two up.

David Lopez handles the artwork once again. He's such an underrated artist. I've thoroughly enjoyed the way he's brought Pfeifer's scripts to life in this series. Lopez has been such a perfect fit for this series. Fan favorite Adam Hughes designs the beautiful covers.

If you've ever thought about reading Catwoman comics but were unsure, I'd highly recommend reading this series, or at least Will Pfeifer's run on it. He'll make you appreciate Catwoman in a way you never had before.  

Rating: 4/5


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