Catwoman #7

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The Good

One of the constant themes in Catwoman's ongoing series has been that she is reckless. This is something we saw in the first issue and throughout the start of the series, and it's her irresponsibility and recklessness that got her dearest friend killed so early on. It's nice to see that Selina has brought on a new character into the fold specifically to ensure that she keeps it all together and stays responsible. It's nice to see Winick address the fact that this is a reckless, young character and it's good to see him dealing with that in a way. However, I think I would prefer seeing her learn from her mistakes and grow as a character independently without having to be under the watchful eye of Gwen Altamont.

The seventh issue of CATWOMAN has great pacing. The story moves along very smoothly and logically. It opens with humor, introduces a new character and draws a relationship between this new character and Catwoman. By the end of the issue the book references Selina's previous encounter with one of Gotham's finest. Overall, it was consistent. The issue brings artist Adriana Melo on board for pencils which unfortunately didn't really blow me away but were consistent overall.

The Bad

I fear I am gradually losing interest in this series, which makes me very sad considering I have such an affinity for the central character. The plot is gradually deviating from the events in the first issues and it no longer feels cohesive with what we saw initially. Basically, this doesn't even feel like the same book.

My primary qualm with this series is that it feels as though Selina hasn't learned anything at all from her mistakes so far. She knows she is reckless and admits to her recklessness, but she hasn't been proactive about playing smarter. Her inability to learn from her mistakes and to continue to feel remorse for her friend's death (which was her fault, no matter how you try to spin it) makes her look stupid. If this person was so influential and so prominent in her life, then the loss of her friend should reflect that fact. It's just disappointing that seven issues in and she can't seem to keep herself in check. I feel this has the potential to be a smart book with a smart character, but she just strikes me as a little bit childish. I'm hoping to see more character development.

In this issue we are introduced to Spark, and unfortunately I was not impressed with his first appearance. I'll hold out to see if he becomes more interesting, but so far reading this issue I was not too impressed.

The Verdict

Like I said, this book has the potential to be great if Selina was just written like the smart, savvy, clever character she has the potential to be. Instead, we have a character who doesn't take account into her actions, is too reckless, and has no consideration for the lives of other people who are putting themselves on the line to help her. Additionally, at the start of this series we saw a lot of emotional development. We learned that Selina was actually a very broken character, but this isn't something we have seen touched upon in the last couple of issues. I'm hoping that Selina can learn to take better care of herself and starts playing smarter. An entire issue of Catwoman stealing fast cars wasn't all that interesting.

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