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Best Issue Yet

Catwoman #1 was not my favorite and #2 was the same feeling, but Issue #3 attempts to bring into Selina's head and see if you can get hooked on this series. Does it work?
The art is different and I like it. The colors are strong and I think that they give the book something special and in a market where there are hundreds of books its good to have something special. The story has actually improved to me from past issues. I really like how Catwoman really did care for the woman that was murdered and I think that you get how bad her death was for the character in this issue. I really liked how she went after the guy and had to deal with Batman too. I felt for the first time in this series I am seeing Catwoman.
I really want Catwoman to get a direction and go with it. She has done a lot in three issues but nothing that gives us a sense where this series is heading and if we want to stick around. I also feel that Selina Kyle is has become a loner and I liked her talking to the girl and being happy.
THE VERDICT: 4/5 (Great)
Catwoman has been an up and down ride so far. To me, this is the best issue of the series so far. I think that Catwoman has a lot of potential and I really hope that it gets there soon because I can already see something that would be really cool to do with the character. If you like Catwoman then you might like this series, if you like good comics, I would give it a chance and if you don't like it stop getting it, but I'm going to continue to get it.

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