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Catwoman #3

What we can be excited about:

In this issue we get to meet Bone and learn who he is and a bit of his past. Selina is still taking in what had just happened to Lola and how she is responsible for it too. Selina is left to be "worked over" by Bone's goons and totally kicks ass and pops off a few rounds. She latter meets up with Bone and has him thinking twice about the situation he has put them in. She has a bit of a Joker/Jason moment with a baseball bat and sorta scared even me. Then of course we have our dark knight to make things better, but our wry Catwoman does what she does best and avoids the reprimanding he planned on delivering. The emotion in the last few pages is powerful as we see Catwoman doing what Selina doesn't really want, having to start over.

What we can be Upset about:

Batman shows up, he's a great character for Catwoam to be around but not in every issues. Yes she lives in Gotham and is involved in the crime world but must he be in every issue?? On pg 8 I realized that people in this comic seem very long, long bodies, long legs, a bit unreal but not a major put off. Artist Guillen March in my opinion does a great job in this book but i see some inconsistencies with Selina's nose from page to page. Those were the only issues i really had with it.

With Our Power Combined....

This is a pretty good CATWOMAN issue. I picked it up expecting people to get a beating and it happened, people got beat. I knew Selina was going to have to leave and I didn't care for the Batman appearance. She is such a good character we don't need him in every issue to help her sell. I like the art, and we end on a cliffhanger that I'm sure Selina can get out of but makes me want to keep reading.


Some covers have like a subtitle for the issue and i sorta wonder if the baseball bat that reads "GOTHAM BATS" is suppose to be it, if so it doesn't really fit, but i like the idea of a subtitle being written on something in the art in place of a flashy one or something that is shrunk in the corner.

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