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Catwoman #3 0

What we can be excited about:In this issue we get to meet Bone and learn who he is and a bit of his past. Selina is still taking in what had just happened to Lola and how she is responsible for it too. Selina is left to be "worked over" by Bone's goons and totally kicks ass and pops off a few rounds. She latter meets up with Bone and has him thinking twice about the situation he has put them in. She has a bit of a Joker/Jason moment with a baseball bat and sorta scared even me. Then of course we...

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Best Issue Yet 1

Catwoman #1 was not my favorite and #2 was the same feeling, but Issue #3 attempts to bring into Selina's head and see if you can get hooked on this series. Does it work?  THE GOOD: The art is different and I like it. The colors are strong and I think that they give the book something special and in a market where there are hundreds of books its good to have something special. The story has actually improved to me from past issues. I really like how Catwoman really did care for the woman that wa...

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A more violent Catwoman. 1

Art - It's undeniable that the art of this book is fairly superior to most of the rest of the line. Both the lines and the colors are really well done. The only bad point in this comic as far as art is concerned is page 11 where Catwoman looks too much like Joker from A Death in the Family which just doesn't fit with the title.Story - The story works, but it is retreading character development that isn't needed if Batman's history was unchanged in the post-flashpoint era. There's nothing really ...

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What's the fun in being careful? 0

This issue is a little bit all over the place, but makes its way back to fairly solid ground by the end.  Catwoman is on the verge of death and soon to follow her only friend and fence Lola.  Of course the master thief is not as easy to pin down and after a bit of a fracas she goes back to the man responsible for the murder.  This part was actually not as engaging, but the subsequent standoff with Bruce I thought really turned the intimacy on its side, defining it more as something she is in cha...

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Hey!?! Where's Catwoman's Undies?!? 0

This issue picks up right where the last one left off, with Bone having captured Catwoman. Winnick does a good job writing Bone's early dialogue because I actually felt for him a bit. He seemed to have a pretty good reason to be pissed off at Catwoman. Of course, he makes the James Bond villain mistake of leaving her death to his minions and she gets free. Her escape is pretty believable for a comic book protagonist.Some stuff happens and we get to see a continuation of the Batman relationship.O...

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No Bone To Pick By Me 0

The Story: Catwoman escapes Bone's henchmen to extract a little punishment on Bone herself.  My Thoughts:Catwoman is not a series for everyone. Only three issues into the series now and it has often been surrounded by controversy. It's gained criticism for its sexuality and funnily enough, being too violent. Personally I've enjoyed the series so far. I like this take on her character and commend Judd Winick for his work on this title so far. The last issue ended by introducing readers to another...

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Adrenaline: Sex and Violence Essay; Part 3 1

The Good: So last issue we had Catwoman reigning in her sex, putting things back under her control, instead of being controlled by it. This issue focuses more on the other side of things. Thus, I think its perfect that while the logo last issue had white text for most of the word, with red for the scratchlike W, and this issue has a white W with the rest red. At this point, I just HAVE to write this review as an essay because it worked so well the past 2 issues, this series is so rich with depth...

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Catwoman, moving along, one step at a time! 0

As Catwoman has come to realization that she has messed up big time, she may not be the one to suffer! As Catwoman's best friend is brutally murdered by a gangster named Bone, how will she react after finding out that her only real friend was killed? Well, lets just say she's not going to take a cat bath. As Judd Winick and Guillem March continue to tell the story of Catwoman!The GoodAs the story has progressed from issue 1 and 2, we've seen lots of skin and less violence. As this series is real...

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