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    Catwoman » Catwoman #1 - Metamorphosis released by DC Comics on February 1989.

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    When a criminal associate assaults young Selina Kyle, she learns how to defend herself--and that murder comes easily. She also discovers she is destined to be the Catwoman.

    At the beginning of the story a young prostitute (Selina Kyle) is shown half naked and beaten severely. An elderly nun named Sister Elizabeth then comes to the alley. She moves away a cat saying she will not feed it like her fellow nun, then is horrified when she sees Selina. Sister Elizabeth calls an ambulance and the Gotham Police who all ask the nuns if they know her name, but none do. As the police and paramedics leave a nun arrives, while Selina leaves carrying a cat. Sister Elizabeth asks her fellow nun (Maggie Kyle) to put the cat away, but the visibly sad Sister Magdalene says she always had cats at home. Sister Elizabeth then asks Maggie if she has seen her sister yet, but Magdalene says no (unaware that her sister was the prostitute).

    In Gotham General, Selina is then visited by a Gotham detective named Flannery who asks who assaulted her. Selina is reluctant to answer. A priest comes in and asks if she wants to take communion, but Selina screams "no". Flannery then leaves a number with Selina. She tells him she doesn’t "do" cops, but Flannery says the number belongs to a man who can teach her to take care of herself.

    Inside the church, Sister Magdalene is shown praying. Sister Elizabeth tells her that she knows she is praying for her sister, but they have runaways with them now, that need their help. Maggie calls her a cruel woman, then notices Sister Elizabeth let in a cat saying it’s cold outside.

    Selina returns to the East end of Gotham and asks Holly (a fourteen year old prostitute) where their pimp Stan is. She tells her she hasn’t seen him and then Selina walks up to the apartment ignoring her. In her room she sees Stan waiting for her. He says he moved the cats to the room next door and asks if she forgives him. He pulls out a cat like dominatrix outfit and tells her that she has to wear it for some man who will offer lots of money. Selina is visibly disgusted. Stan says if she doesn’t want to wear it the he will get someone else but Selina says she will.

    Selina is then shown being trained to fight by the man who Flannery sent her to - Ted Grant (Wildcat) - who gives her advice on cutting her hair for fights. He says he charges 100 dollars a lesson. Selina says she doesn’t have that money. Ted says that not many do so he’ll give her a discount.

    Selina is then shown with short hair in some sort of dominatrix “session” with a man named Skunk, obviously disgusted and paying attention to the street, where she sees a disguised Bruce Wayne angry at Stan for pimping Holly. Bruce then proceeds to get in a quick fight with him ending in a single kick. Bruce is then stabbed by Holly, while a number of prostitutes attack Bruce. He crunches Holly’s hand while disposing of his attackers. Selina comes to the street to fight Bruce, for attacking Holly. He easily knocks her out, the fight is busted up by the police. (This entire sequence is in Batman Year One).

    In the daytime Selina is then shown in Ted Grant’s gym. He asks what kept her and Selina says she had some trouble. Selina then asks if she can teach her how to use a whip after briefly making fun of her Ted agrees.

    Selina and Holly are woken up by explosions out in the distance and turn on the television to find out what has happened. It is reported that Batman has been chased down into an abandoned tenement by the GCPD after “attacking” Lieutenant James Gordon. Holly asks if they can go see and Selina agrees. They then wait outside the building with Holly anxious to see Batman. Selina is doubtful they will, but then is shocked when a large amount of bats surrounds the crowd of cops and bystanders Selina is then sure he will escape using the bats and his costume. (This sequence is in Batman Year One)

    In Ted Grant’s gym Selina asks if they can stop her training, but Ted refuses to stop he grabs her arm and tells her to break free. Selina continues to protest at his attacks, before she elbows him in the chest. She tells Ted she knew he would get hurt and Ted smiles and says he knew he would.

    Selina is then shown in her apartment putting on the dominatrix cat suit Stan gave her a few days ago. She calls Stan, telling him she was picked up by someone wearing a wire and had to kill him. She asks if he can come pick her up, as Stan waits by himself he is unaware she is waiting on a near roof top wearing the suit.



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    One of my all-time favorite comic story arcs is Frank Miller's Batman: Year One. The only sour note in it, for me, however, was making Selina Kyle a dominatrix prostitute. Her sexuality (and use of it to get what she wanted) was always there for the character - going back to her earliest appearances as 'The Cat', where she would flash some skin, or even convince Bruce Wayne to massage her leg for her; and the dominatrix aspects of her character were always there - she carried a whip fer cryin' o...

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