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And The Controversy Begins

The Story: 

Catwoman's apartment is blown up by some thugs. She looks for a new "gig" to score some cash and gets in over her head. 

My Thoughts:

A lot of controversy has surrounded this issue and it's only been out a couple of days. This series was given a T+ rating due to the sexual content. You're probably either going to love this issue or you're going to hate it. It seems a lot of people have been offended by it. Honestly, they should have known what they were getting into if you ask me. I think it was well known and stated that this series was going to be taking this direction. 

Judd Winick is no stranger to writing this type of material. His Outsiders series was all about sex and action. The teammates were constantly sleeping with each other in that series although it was nowhere near as graphic as this first issue was. What I don't understand though, is how so many people loved X-Force: Sex And Violence but seem to be offended by this. I'd say their equally as graphic. I will admit I don't want to see this in every comic I read but on occasion it can serve as a nice change of pace (as proved in X-Force: Sex And Violence). After all, we are living in the 21st century and sex is viewed much differently than it was ten, twenty or thirty years ago. Was the sexual content in this issue a little excessive and overboard? Probably. 

As its been talked about, the issue opens up with Selina in her bra and underwear rushing to get into her Catwoman costume as her apartment is being broken into. I thought it was funny how she managed to get her cats into the kennel. Go figure. The scene overall was not as bad as some make it out to be. It's sort of realistic in a way. She could have been at home sleeping like that so it would make sense that she was rushing to get some clothes on. It was ironic how her apartment got blown up when it was set on fire in her previous series. 

Winick then introduces readers to an "actual friend" of Selina's named Lola. She finds Catwoman a job which involves a painting that is highly valued to the Russian Mob. Catwoman poses as a bartender and uses her sexuality to get the drop on a man in the restroom. My favorite part of the issue is the way she viciously beats the man. The last part of the issue involves her "encounter" with Batman which is clearly the most graphic and controversial scene of the story. I will admit the sexual content of the story sort of diminishes the real "story" taking place. I'm far more interested in seeing this story with the Russian mob pan out then seeing Catwoman's sexual escapades with Batman. But again, it didn't offend me. I just hope the series isn't saturated with this type of material. If it happens on occasion, fine. But I do want a story. 

The artwork by Guillem March is definitely top notch. I'm loving the quality and vibe he's bringing to the series. My favorite scene was Catwoman's attack on the man in the restroom. He definitely did a great job displaying a savage Catwoman while also bringing out her sexuality.

Would I recommend reading this issue? If you like Catwoman, yes. However I would forewarn everyone that this is rated T+ for the excessive amount of sexual content Winick wrote. If that bothers you then obviously don't read it. If you can be an adult about it then by all means try and enjoy it as best you can. It's a decent start to the series, but I do hope we are provided a well thought out story rather then using the "sex sells" angle the entire time. 

Rating: 3.5/5

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