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    My fave of the new 52 so far

    I was rather upset that the whole storyline about Selena's baby adoption was essentially wiped away because that story from the previous CATWOMAN volume brought me to tears more than once. Nonetheless, I had to accept that DC's reboot (whatever you call it properly) didn't mean someone couldn't still enjoy those good old stories for their own merit even if they were no longer the new timeline.

    March's artwork feels like he's trying too hard to be J.H. Williams III. March's layouts are so much cleaner and more coherent than Williams. Maybe it's the coloring actually that it gives it this feeling. All skin tones are pallid and faux vampy accented brightly in deep tomato red on the hair and lips. Not everyone has the Joker's skin tone yet these two titles in particular are given that impression.

    Winick makes Catwoman fun and exciting again. She's a great thief but has misfortunes of her own to deal with. The sequence of saving the cats as she tumbles out the window is pretty awful though. The cat carrier is stuffed with like 8 cats and the door of it isn't closed yet all the kitties are happy and in one piece when they arrive at a friend's apartment. Ok, I know there's a suspension of disbelief since it's unlikely someone would be as skilled as Selena anyway; but really - those cats were being thrown from a carrier in mid-air.

    The obvious highlight is the spectacularly hot scene between Catwoman and Batman, now ignorant of their secret identities - at least she is. His perspective is not explored here.

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