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April Dumaka, alias Catspaw is a fictional character who was briefly a member of the Legionnaires in the now-discarded continuity known as the Glorithverse.


Little is known of April's life before she was a test subject for the Dominion, save that she was at some point in her past betrayed by a beautiful boyfriend of hers named Ansis and handed over to the Dominators. Dumaka, who got her powers (cat-like speed and agility) from the genetic manipulation of the scientific aliens, was held in the same underground chambers where the SW6 Legion ultimately emerged. When the power generators blew out across Earth, Catspaw was freed and banded together with two other test subjects, Xao Jin and Danielle Foccart. The SW6 Batch had been freed weeks prior, but returned to look for survivors and found Catspaw.
When the SW6 Legionnaires were given their own headquarters and rebranded themselves as the heroes of New Earth, Catspaw and her fellow escapees joined the heroes. She assisted in building up their new home whilst home some fun with the boys, like Inferno. She was formally inducted onto the team and seemed to enjoy having plenty of boys in spandex to flirt with.
Catspaw served with the Legionnaires until the Zero Hour event, which caused the collapse and eventual death of the Glorithverse. Catspaw specifically was arguing with the Legion's science team when time blinked her out of existence, replacing her with Inferno and making her one of the earlier casualties to the timestream.

In the postboot continuity of Earth-247, Catspaw made a very brief cameo as a potential member of the Legion's rival team the Workforce. Whether she was ever approached for membership or what came of her was never revealed.

Powers and Abilities

A hybrid of human and feline, Catspaw has the agility, speed, and heightened senses (smelling, hearing, and balance) of a cat, as well as retractable claws on her fingertips and toes. She has excellent night-vision and animal-like instincts.


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