Character » Catra appears in 38 issues.

    Catra was made the new Force Captain after Adora left the Horde.

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    Catra received her magical mask, which can transform her into a panther, from  Hordak . Whoever possesses the mask is also named the queen of the Magicats.  Catra is also the force commander of the Horde, gaining the coveted position after the departure of Adora. The Horde members directly under her command are Mantenna, Leech, RattlorGrizzlor, and Scorpia.
    Like most members of the Horde, her loyalty is fleeting at best. She has operated by herself on numerous occasions and has even worked with Skeletor in an attempt to overthrow Hordak. She also has made tenuous alliances with her fellow Horde members Shadow Weaver, Scorpia, and Entrapta to lead the Horde.
     The one thing Catra, and the other members of the Horde can agree on is their mutual disdain for Imp. Catra's feud with Imp seems to be the most volatile. Catra has also shown a romantic interest in Sea Hawk, which she does her best to conceal.


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