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Barton Stone committed a robbery with three other men, but only he was caught, taking the fall for them he goes to prison without revealing their names.

Twenty years later he is released to find that his wife has dies in poverty while his three partners have become very wealthy men. Swearing revenge he disappears, a year later all three men are offered very lucrative financial deals by an eccentric old women, due their talks with this old woman her cat scratches each of them, and one by one they die a few hour later.

The old woman is of course Barton Stone in disguise and he had coated the cat’s claws with poison and trained the cat to attack on command.

“The Cat-Man” returns for a second story where he helps a young woman deal with some thugs using the same old lady disguise, and poison cat claw gambit, at the end of the story it seems he has taken up full time crime fighting (and murder) as he invites the woman to “call on the Cat-Man” if she needs help again. This however is his last recorded case.


The Cat-Man was created by Tarpé Mills, pseudonym for June Mills one of the first of the major female comic strip creators, best known for her heroine Miss Fury. The Cat-Man only appeared two stories in issues 5 and 8 of Amazing Man Comics in 1939.


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