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    Tatiana is a mutant with the power to transform into any living being if she comes into contact with their blood. She retains her mutant powers after M-Day.

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    After a dog accidentally got hit by a car, Tatiana helped it and the man who hit it took her to the vet and then to her school. She had always been extraordinarily good with animals when they had been injured (after work she would go to an abandoned dump and feed abandoned animals.)

    When she got in her class, she had drops of dog blood on her fingertips. She started hearing things louder, smelling things more harshly and began to see weird colors. She dropped onto the floor and began to throw up. When she looked up she turned into a werewolf.

    On the run and being chased by her ex-classmates, she killed a cat to protect herself and she turned into a monstrous panther. She was upset, since she loved animals so much. She was a vet and a vegan and doing this had gone against every fiber of her being. She joined a street gang consisting of: Kiden Nixon (a girl who could slow down time), Cameron (Kiden's high school teacher),  and X-23 (a clone of Wolverine with only 2 claws on each hand and one claw on each foot that came out next to her large toe). At first she was reluctant to join the group and would usually lash out harshly at the other girl. Eventually though, she calmed down and helped them out during their time on the streets.

    One day they were attacked by gangsters led by an enemy of theirs, Zebra Daddy (X-23's former pimp). During the fight, Cameron fell off of a flat block and Catiana had to lick some blood off the ground in order to mutate. She saved Cameron by climbing up the wall with her claws.

    Catiana kept her powers after M-Day, along with X-23, Kiden,  Bobby Soul, and Lil' Bro, Bobby's little brother.

    Tatiana is currently living with Kiden Nixon, Bobby Soul, and Lil' Bro.


    Catiana is a mutant with the power to transform into any animal if she comes into contact with their blood. It is currently unknown how this happens but it's thought that her mutation is connected to absorption of the blood. In addition to gaining the physical appearance of whatever animal's blood she touches, she also gains its memories. In the new NYX series, it was revealed that Catiana's powers work with human blood as well. This was shown when she bit a gangster. He bled on her and she transformed into an exact copy of the man. She then told Kiden Nixon that she also gained the man's memories. Her next display of her new ability occurred when she transformed into the person who donated blood to her after she got shot.


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