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    Born a Tully; Catelyn Stark is the wife of Eddard Stark and Lady of Winterfell.

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    Catelyn Tully is the eldest daughter of Lord Hoster Tully and Minisa Whent. She is originally of House Tully of Riverrun, but married into House Stark; titled the Wardens of the North. Catelyn has two siblings; Edmure Tully and Lysa. As a Tully, Catelyn spent her childhood in Riverrun where she befriended Petyr Baelish. Baelish immediately fell in love with Catelyn, but the feelings were not reciprocated. At the age of twelve, her father, Lord Hoster Tully, engaged Catelyn to Brandon Stark of Winterfell (her future husband's brother). Defiant, Baelish challenged Brandon to a duel for Catelyn's hand. Brandon won, and let Baelish live. However, Brandon died (along with his own father) at the orders of King Aerys Targaryen II soon afterward, and Baelish tried to rekindle their one-sided relationship; she denied him. Brandon's death would be a dominant catalyst for Robert Baratheon's rebellion; with Eddard Stark seeking justice for the "Mad King's" actions. Hoster Tully then sought to marry Catelyn to Eddard, in order to strengthen the family's connections. After the marriage, Catelyn moved to Winterfell, in the north of Westeros. Catelyn and Eddard have five chidren; Robb, Sansa, Arya, Brandon and Rickon and for the most part, had a loving, strong marriage. This was put under tension when Eddard revealed he had raised a bastard, Jon Snow.


    Daniel Abraham adapted the "A Song of Ice and Fire" series, written by George R.R. Martin, into the comic book medium. Catelyn Stark first appeared in "Game of Thrones" #1.

    Current Events

    After Jon Arryn's death, the Royal Household traveled north at the orders of the new King, Robert Baratheon.Baratheon sought to make Eddard his new hand, to replace his recently dead predecessor. After their arrival, a raven appeared carrying a letter from the Eyrie- the lands of her sister Lysa. In it, Lysa stated her suspicions that her husband - the previous hand of the King- had been murdered by Lannister conspirators. Naturally, Catelyn had huge misgivings about Eddard traveling south to King's Landing and taking the position of Hand; but despite her concerns, Eddard had very little choice in the matter and he left for the Capitol taking Sansa and Arya with him. Meanwhile, Bran, her second youngest son, appeared to have fallen from a tower whilst climbing, and had slipped into a deep coma. In truth, he had unwillingly witnessed the incestuous relationship between the Queen, Cersei Lannister, and her brother Jaime. Fearing for the truth to be brought to light, Cersei ordered her brother to push Bran out the window. Whilst Bran was unconscious, Catelyn stayed by his bedside constantly for a period of eight days. On the eighth day, an assassin (sent by the Lannisters) tried to kill Bran whilst he was unable to act. Catelyn intervened, and managed to subdue the assassin, and Bran's direwolf finished him off. Afterwards, Catelyn traveled to King's Landing to warn Eddard of the danger the Lannister's presented. She contacted Peter Baelish, who advised her to meet him in one of the brothels he owned. There, he told her that the dagger used in the attempt on Bran's life belonged to Tyrion Lannister, the "Imp". Her stay in King's Landing was relatively short and she soon left, fearing what her presence might signal to the Lannisters. On her journey back north she encountered Tyrion Lannister whilst staying at an inn, and, with the aid of her sworn bannermen, arrested him for the crimes committed against her family. From the inn she travelled to her sister, Lysa and her residence, the Eyrie, seeking justice. Upon arrival, Tyrion is locked away in the sky cells and Catelyn conversed with her sister; troubled by Lysa's paranoia (since Jon Arryn's death) and the condition of her nephew. Tyrion escaped execution, and arguably justice, by convincing a sellsword to fight for his chance of freedom. The sellsword wins the battle, and by the laws of the Kingdom, is declared free and no longer a prisoner of the Eyrie or Catelyn. Unfortunately, Tyrion's unlawful imprisonment sparks the Lannister house into action; and they declare war on the Starks. Tywin Lannister, the patriarch of the family, orders Ser Gregor Clegane to attack one of the Stark Bannerman's lands, the Riverlands. In retaliation of this and to Eddard's arrest at King's Landing, Catelyn's oldest son and then Lord of Winterfell in his father's absence, Robb, marches south to meet the opposing army.

    Other Media


    The "Game of Thrones" comic is adapted from the book of the same name, written by George R.R.Martin. Catelyn Stark is a major POV character, who remains the same in both history and personalty as her comic book counterpart.


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    A HBO television series has also been created, based on the aforementioned source material. Catelyn Stark is portrayed by Michelle Fairley.


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