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    A catchphrase, in the world of comic books and other media, is often a battle cry said by heroes and villains alike.

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    Well Known Catchphrases:

    • Avengers Assemble!
    • Great Krypton!
    • In brightest day, in blackest night...!
    • It's clobberin' time!
    • Flame on!
    • Hulk Smash!
    • I am the law!
    • Cowabunga!
    • It's Morphin! Time! [among others]
    • Shazam!
      • Captain Marvel
    • I am Isis!
      • Black Adam!
    • Yo Joe!
    • Cobra!
    • Thundercats, Ho!
    • With great power, comes great responsibility.
    • Titans go! [or Titans Together!]
    • I put a shock to your system
    • Thunderbolts, strike!
    • Merciful Minerva (among others like Great Hera, or Great Aphrodite, or Suffering Sappho)
    • Change! Change! O form of man! And rise the demon Etrigan!
    • Sweet Christmas
    • Firestorm
    • Wonder Twin powers activate
    • Kimota
      • Marvelman/Miracleman
    • Henshin
    • Maximum Effort [or Chimichangas]
    • To me, my X-Men!
    • Blue Blazes
    • By the bristling beard of Odin! [Or For Odin, For Asgard!]
    • Oh my stars and garters
    • Rip and Tear!
    • The focused totally of my telephathic abilities
    • Holy [Insert noun], Batman!
    • I'm the best there s at what I do...
    • Bub!
    • Hootin' Zoots!
    • Great Caesar's Ghost!
    • Holy Hannah!
    • Jinkies!
    • Zoinks!
    • Jeepers!
    • Scooby Dooby Do!

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