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    A super-villain who destroyed a lot of st. Canard and has a crush on Gosalyn

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    Mortimer L. Marquand was just an ordinary school-age boy in the city of St. Canard. He had a deep crush on "the lovely and gentle" Gosalyn (gentle?!), but she just  would not notice him. However, when Mortimer saw he had a way to win her heart. He tried building his own Gizmo Duck suit (like the one Gosalyn wore at the time) to be together. His suit didn't quite take, so he scrapped that idea. Then, out of the blue, a box containing a suit with the note reading "be a better man" and his life was changed forever.


    He was created by Ian Brill (writer) and James Silvani (artist). His armor and regular appearance is similar to the 90s Darkwing Duck villian " Fluffy" who had a similar (though smaller) suit. Of course, Mortimer appeares to have thumbs (like most of the Anthropomorphic creatures in this universe), while Fluffy did not (and thus had to use the suit to hold things.

    Major Arcs

    Mayoral Race
    At the same time Darkwing Duck is running for Mayor, Mortimer has decided what he can do with his new suit. Twisted by some power, he concludes the only way to get Gosalyn's heart is to defeat Darkwing Duck in battle. He thus becomes the villain known as "Cat-Tankerous"!
    Although he seems unstopable, Darkwing ultimately stops the munchcan and goes on with his campaign.

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