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Young Cathy, the Daughter of an incompetent private detective one day stumbled upon a case in their loft which contained a mysterious Cat suit. This case had been given to her father by a thankful Witch Doctor from Africa, but he had never managed to open it.

Whilst trying on the Cat suit Cathy remembered that she had intended to keep an eye on her father, as he was on a case that night, so she rushed out still wearing the Cat suit.

She found that he had run into some trouble with local crooks and Cathy instinctively jumped in to fight them, soon realising that whilst wearing the Cat suit she gained the abilities of a Cat.

From this point onwards she decided to help her Dad from behind the scenes, as Cat Girl.


Cat Girl was created for the Girl's comic Sally, appearing in the very first issue.


During the "War in Heaven" arc of Zenith, Cat Girl was amongst the heroes who were collected from various worlds to help fight against the evil Lloigor race who were systematically murdering or possessing superheroes across many different dimensions.

Cat Girl was killed by Mr Why during a mission to Earth 666.

Powers and Abilities

When wearing her costume Cat Girl would gain all the traits that cats are known for, such as enhanced senses, and impressive agility, balance and climbing abilities, as well as sharp claws.

She had also been shown to be able to run at around 25mph.

On top of her enhanced stats, Cat Girl also had a danger sense that would warn her when she was in close proximity to a criminal, or when someone intended her, or her father harm.


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