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    Cat is a young girl who wants to be a detective

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    Catherine was 13-year-old, from a normal, happy family life with her mother, father, and brothers and sisters. With the small annoyance of her older brother teasing her, she lived a completely happy life. Catherine was sometimes called "Cat" for short, and she dreamed more than anything to be a detective. She was known to sometimes sneak into crime scenes and try to assist or find clues. Almost 14 years ago, this young "Nancy Drew type" girl named Cat decided to quickly write notes on a crime apparently committed by the former mailman. Cat was very suprised knowing he was the perperator, for it seemed out of his character. Believing something a foul in this case, she looks for any sign of a clue. As she left the house, she believed has found a clue in a crime that has been overlooked by police investigators. However, the police accuse her of being a pest and she decides to investigate it alone. She discovers an item in a house that contains a black oil, which when burned gives off a unique black flame. While, unknowingly, it appears one of the police from her town appears to be a member of the society as they were watching her. Then, using her spy equipment, she overhears the residents of the house talking about the Black Lamp Society. However, she is discovered and stabbed by a pumpkin-masked Samhain. Still under the control of the Black Lamp Society, he coldly stabs her, apparently killing her.

    Story Arcs

    Finally Awake

    However in, Hack/Slash: The Series # 27, its revealed that she had survived her injuries. But had been put in a 14-year coma, she had awoken a now grown 27-year-old woman. But she appears to not remember Samhain being the one who almost killed her, as she is currently trying to remember what happened to her. She was also still in her habit of being a detective, as she was reading into the case of the Mosaic Man. Afterwards, she's seen tracking down Samhain and Venus (calling herself Ava then) to where Chris Krank and Lisa live. Cat soon gets attacked by undead animals but is saved by her surprise Sam. But before the two can have a confrontation more show up, soon she, with Chris Krank, and Sheriff Maggie Reilly are seen fighting off the zombie animals of Bobby Brunswick.

    Not known to either party, Maggie was really an agent of the Black Lamp Society, and during the struggle separated from the group to consult with her members. Leaving, Cat and Chris to fend for themselves, the pair soon have to save Ava from aquatic zombie animals and make it to the kennel where Pooch is. Although at first shocked, Cat immediately becomes attached to the talking hellhound and dubs him "Mr. Poochie-Poochie". They continue going through this endless fight with the animals to get to Lisa, before Bobby does.

    Although Samhain saves Lisa from Bobby, he turns his attentions on the group. Maggie, who grew a conscience, stepped in time to save Ava, but loss her own life. As she died, she warned Ava about Samhain and told her to use an oil to burn then kill him with. Ava's hesitant but uses it to stop Bobby. After learning Samhain's secrets Ava becomes frighten by him and becomes more frighten when Cat points out that Samhain was the one who tried to kill her when she was a child.

    Samhain leaves in shock of what's happened. Cat stays behind with Ava at Chris and Lisa's place for a while. Eventually, she feels its time to see her family and tells Chris she'll leave soon. But Chris can tell she'll get into trouble and will most likely meet up with Cassie and Vlad. He and Lisa urge Pooch to follow her and look out for her. Cassie quickly picks up that Pooch had followed her, but she didn't mind. She enjoyed his company and enjoyed talking to him, a lot. Pooch was often left tired by her endless talks.

    Eventually, she also helped Cassie and Vlad find where Samhain had gone. Cat has become part of the team. She also went with Cassie to help Samhain rid him of his darkness. But due to the Psychosaurs, they force Samhain to revert going back as a slasher, and also reawaken his true side Akakios. Cat is given help through Gorillaconda, who is able to fend off Samhain before he hurts her and take Cassie (after Sam had stabbed her) to Dr. Carpenter; creator of some of the animals. Things get more hectic when a spider beast comes after Cat, she runs off hoping to distract it away from the others.

    Akakios or Evil Sam, as she's dubbed him, was there at the bridge waiting for her. After he reveals his true past and how he became Samhain, the two are ambushed by the spider beast. And Cat nearly falls to her death but is caught at the last minute by Cassie. However, Evil Sam is also holding onto Cat's leg and tries pleading with Cassie to save him too. Ultimately, Cassie chooses to save Cat and shoots him, letting him fall to his death.


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