Castor Bagworm

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    Character from Bigfoot: Sword of the Earthman.

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    A lesser pink-skinned humanoid alien, Castor is a member of the Scribe Caste, the great poets of the red planet. The “Bagworm” designation is a derogatory name for any member of the Caste who sells their services to spread rumors, foment dissent or poison morale at the direction of the highest bidder. A bagworm’s services are also highly illegal. It is because of this that Castor finds himself in the prison camps at the opening of the tale.

    Caught spreading lies amongst the soldiers and workers, Castor has been sentenced to hard labor and stripped of his name. In the slave camps, Castor, or “Bagworm,” is a digger. Good for nothing more than manual labor. Bagworm sees an opportunity to escape in befriending the “Earthman” after the sasquatch almost kills a guard when pushed too hard.

    On the Run...

    Bagworm fighting off  a Disc Soldier
    Bagworm fighting off a Disc Soldier

    Bagworm is a poet-weasel. More a con man than a friend at the start, his driving force is to seek his fortune, buy back his name (pay off his debts) and return to the family he left behind.


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